Inspired by Blue Planet II? Anse Chastanet, St Lucia, Announces Dates for Rare Coral Spawning 2018

August 21, 2018
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One of Nature’s Most Spectacular and Rare Phenomena Predicted to Take Place on 2nd – 3rd September 2018 Off the Coast of Anse Chastanet Resort

June 2018…// Guests at Anse Chastanet, St Lucia, will be dazzled by one of nature’s most spectacular and rare performances from the 2nd – 3rd September 2018. As seen on David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, the remarkable phenomenon which turns the seas yellow and pink with upwards moving “snowfall”. Coral spawning happens once a year and only a handful of people worldwide see this marvel in their lifetime.

Each year, Anse Chastanet’s scuba diving team, Scuba St Lucia, incredibly and accurately predicts the night spawning and prepares to take novice and experienced divers and snorkellers to observe the sensational spectacle which occurs yearly right off the beaches of this characteristic hotel.

Accompanied at night by Anse Chastanet’s skilled in-house scuba staff, divers and snorkellers will be able to witness the mesmerising fertilisation process of both coral and various other reef inhabitants.

What is coral spawning and why is this so rare?

First discovered in the 1980s at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, this annual mass reproduction phenomenon is now known to be critical to coral reef – and our own ecosystem’s – survival. Tropical coral reefs, although out of sight, are essential to our world-wide food chains.

Each year, coral release millions of packets of egg and sperm cells that appear as massive underwater clouds of white and pink upward moving “snowfall”.  After they drift to the surface for fertilisation, the sea will be partially covered by the slicks of coral larvae before they settle to the bottom destined to build the next generation of these vital ocean organisms.

While much of the coral spawning process remains a mystery, scientists from all over the world study these miraculous events, and now know that the ideal time for the release of the reproductive cells is a week or so after a full August moon. It happens an hour or two after sunset with the cover of darkness increasing the chances of larvae survival by overwhelming fish predators.

How is Anse Chastanet conserving and preserving this rare phenomenon?

This spawning phase of reproduction is now known to be a weak link to world-wide coral reef survival as it can only happen when conditions are just right; it is the phase most sensitive to human activity, non-point source pollution, and climate change.

As the world’s coral reefs are being decimated by the effects of global warming, this unique reproductive process takes on even further significance. Thankfully, Anse Chastanet has made a conscious effort for nearly 20 years to protect the reef from harm due to its exemplary and progressive sustainable designs and architecture; by minimizing impervious surfaces, keeping shorelines green and stable, and completely preventing runoff from entering the water – Anse Chastanet successfully preserves this wonder for future generations.

This year, guests will also be able to try Anse Chastanet’s new Lionfish diving and dining packages. Reacting to a surge in Lionfish numbers in St. Lucia which is disrupting the local ecosystem, damaging the coral and other fish, the resort has devised an innovative way to help control numbers while not letting the fish go to waste.

The Soufriere-based sister hotels’ new ‘Invasive Lionfish Tracker’ diving course ($180 per person) will see guests learn the spear-fishing techniques necessary for keeping numbers down, while a delicious degustation Lionfish menu ($175 per person) will showcase the quality and taste of this very unique fish.

Watch Anse Chastanet’s coral spawning video here.

You can view images of the Lionfish dinner here.

You can view images of the Lionfish Tracker Dive course here.

To book your Coral Spawning package, book our Dive Deal Package. Night Dives will be offered on Coral Spawning nights, a surcharge for each night dive of US 22.80 will be payable locally.

US 2399 per person/diver/dbl occ/US 2109 per person/non-diver/dbl occ
US 2199 per person/diver/triple occ/US 1909 per person/non-diver/triple occ
US 3499 single diver/US 3209 single non-diver

To book or receive more information visit, or call 1-800-223-1108 or email

About Anse Chastanet, Saint Lucia

Anse Chastanet sits quietly in an idyllic spot on St Lucia’s south western coast close to the awe inspiring Piton Mountains. The resort comprises of 49 individually designed rooms, 37 of which are scattered about a lush hillside, and 12 which are nestled within a tropical garden at beach level. Local woods and other local products are in integral part of the design of the rooms. Anse Chastanet is home to St Lucia’s only Vegetarian restaurant as well as fine-dining option The Treehouse Restaurant. A number of fantastic treatments are available at The Kai Belté Spa and activities including a large variety of watersports are all on offer too.

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