Culinary Themes for 2024

Vegan Dish


Embarking on a Healthful and Mindful Tropical Celebration

The dawn of a new year fills us with boundless hope and enthusiasm. At Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet, sustainability isn't just an ideal; it's a crucial mission. We offer our cherished guests a chance to rejuvenate themselves, with a profound focus on the culinary experience. We believe in the art of sharing our exquisite modern Creole cuisine, and we invite you to embark on an extraordinary gastronomic journey with Chef Frank in our enchanting Treehouse restaurant. Imagine a romantic beachfront dining experience under the starlit Caribbean sky. Discover the secrets of guilt-free indulgence through a Healthy Dessert Class with our renowned Pastry Chef, Sherma.

Our "Banana Bonanza" takes us on a culinary odyssey, celebrating the beloved bananas of St. Lucia. Our gourmet creations showcase the versatile sweetness of this local gem. Delight in delectable banana bread, sip refreshing banana-infused cocktails, and savor decadent desserts, all while honoring sustainable and traditional culinary practices. It's a delightful tribute to the island's rich culinary heritage and a celebration of our Creole roots.

More than simply a vacation, at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet we curate memorable experiences that nurture the soul and preserve the planet. Join us in this mindful and healthful tropical celebration, where gastronomy, sustainability, and the unparalleled beauty of St. Lucia intertwine to create a truly exceptional start to the year. Welcome to a world where your senses come alive, and your spirit is enriched in every way.


Savor Culinary Excellence

St. Lucia celebrates its 45th Independence Anniversary this year, and we invite our discerning guests to partake in the month-long Annou We-y culinary celebration.

Pineapple Paradise: Immerse your palate in the celebration of the Caribbean's iconic pineapple. Our skilled chefs have crafted a delightful array of pineapple-infused dishes, desserts, and cocktails from local, seasonal ingredients. From zesty pineapple cocktails to succulent pineapple-glazed chicken, savor the essence of St. Lucia's pineapple harvest, complemented by live music.

Cacao Ceremony: Our festivities commence with a traditional Cacao ceremony, celebrated for its heart-opening and grounding properties. Join us in a communal journey to uplift spirits, enhance vitality, and unlock personal spiritual intentions.

Valentine's Night "Under the Stars": Make Valentine's Day unforgettable with a romantic "Under the Stars" experience. Enjoy private dinners on the Anse Mamin beach or the Celestial Terrace, complemented by select champagnes or wines.

Gourmet Food & Wine Delights: Chef Frank offers a series of gourmet food and wine dinners for the Independence festivities. Chef Elijah showcases his passion for local and seasonal cuisine with nightly tasting menus and Friday afternoon "Cook Like a Lucian" sessions in the Jade Club. To conclude the St. Lucian Lobster Season, Chef Ruban hosts a Caribbean Beach Tandoori Lobster dinner.

National Colours Day: Every Sunday, join the vibrant National Colours Day celebration at Anse Chastanet's picturesque beach. Participate in a Caribbean Rum Mixology workshop and dress in attire reflecting our national colours.

Independence Day: On February 22nd, celebrate Independence Day with specially prepared dinners in our renowned restaurants – Balawoo, Emerald, Apsara, and the exclusive Jade Club.

Our resorts cater to those who appreciate life's finer aspects. Join us in this extraordinary culinary journey, where superb cuisine blends with the spirit of St. Lucia's Independence celebrations, promising a sensory-filled February.

Cooking in Paradise at Jade Mountain


Culinary Paradise Beckons

Embark on a journey of taste and luxury in the heart of paradise. At Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet, we've crafted an unparalleled experience for those who appreciate the finest cuisine and the comforts of our 5-star resort.

Cooking in Paradise: Join us for a unique experience, "Cooking in Paradise," curated by consulting chef Allen Susser, a James Beard Award winner. This exclusive event, a treasure for guests, invites you to embrace the breathtaking views of the majestic Piton Mountains, rising gracefully from the Caribbean Sea. At "Cooking in Paradise," savor the divine with "Avocado Awe," a celebration of creamy and nutritious avocados through gourmet dishes, appetizers, and desserts, supporting sustainable and regenerative practices that preserve the island’s culinary heritage.

Enjoy an array of curated experiences, from our Emerald Estate Farm to Fork lunches to tasting menus from Chef Elijah in the Jade Club. Don’t miss our "Anse Mamin Beach Burger Bash & Cocktail Clash" that transcends the ordinary beachside dining experience. Engage in a bean-to-bar chocolate tour and a sensory chocolate tasting adventure. On Sundays, immerse yourself in the world of rum mixology and our renowned "Coco-Doo" delight.

March 23rd - Earth Hour: Join usn Saturday, March 23rdas we join millions worldwide in observing Earth Hour, a global movement organized by the World Wildlife Fund. From 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., we’ll unite with communities worldwide to turn off non-essential electric lights demonstrating our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Relish these March delights, where culinary arts, natural wonders, and environmental consciousness harmoniously converge. It's an experience tailored to the connoisseur of life, like you. Welcome to a world where time slows down, and paradise comes to life.


A Sustainable Tropical Tribute to Earth

Experience the liberating charm of Caribbean spring, a season where adventure beckons, and the earth awakens with fresh vibrancy. April at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet reveals the splendor of our Emerald Estate Farm and the brilliance of seasonal organic ingredients.

Farm to Fork Ital Experience: Join us for the Farm to Fork Ital experience, a celebration of sustainability and gastronomy. Attend special lunches and "live and learn" sessions on our farm, guided by our seasoned chefs and dedicated farmers. Revel in the spring harvest, harvest organic treasures, and learn to craft delectable dishes. This is an Earth Day tribute to harmonious living with Mother Nature.

Papaya Panache: Explore succulent papayas with "Papaya Panache," celebrating this tropical delight. Our culinary creations are a testament to our dedication to local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients. With Chef Ruban's Live Fire Beach Dinner, Chef Frank's Gourmet Food & Wine pairings, and Chef Elijah's personalized seasonal tasting menu, your taste buds are in for a delightful adventure.

Chef in Residence: We welcome back Chef Todd Erickson, April 3 rd to 9 th as our Chef in Residence. Engaging with guests through events and Vegan meals, chef Todd will creatively serve several healthy sustainable vegan menus, showcasing his culinary artistry with Caribbean seasonal flavors. An interactive Lunch & Learn cooking class at our organic Emerald Estate Farm will provide guests with a chance to learn and savor the essence of the chefs' talent. He is renowned for his passion for regional cuisines and culinary excellence. As the executive chef of GLAM Vegan Miami, Society Ft. Myers, and Huahua’s Taqueria South Beach, Chef Erickson's culinary prowess has earned him prestigious awards.


Sizzling Jazz, Food & Arts Festival

Ah, the Caribbean – a vibrant mosaic of cultures and flavors, where creativity knows no bounds. Our Jazz, Food & Arts Festival in May ignites your senses with bold, flavorful, spicy, and fresh experiences.

Nightly Jazz in the Jade Club: While savoring Chef Elijah's culinary masterpieces each evening, enjoy the serenade of local jazz artists in our intimate Jade Club. The music, a reflection of the island's heartbeat, harmonizes perfectly with the innovative dishes.

Petit Piton Lounge Vibes: Find the local rhythm in the Petit Piton Lounge, where modern Caribbean rum cocktails complement the sound of the island, carrying you into the heart of St. Lucian culture.

Tuesday Jump-Up: On Tuesday nights, our Jump-Up party comes alive with the magnetic beats of a live steel band. Sway to the music and indulge in abundant Creole offerings at live cooking stations. Witness the art of culinary flambe as your desserts come to life.

Plantain Pleasure: We're taking plantains to new culinary heights with "Plantain Pleasure." From savory to sweet, our dishes and cocktails pay homage to the island's rich traditions, all created from local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients. It's a celebration of this beloved staple and the essence of St. Lucia's culinary heritage.

Palette to Palate: Chef Elijah hosts “Palette to Palate,” a series of culinary arts cooking classes, inspired by local artists who introduce you to their creative paintings, drawings, and hand carvings, offering a unique fusion of visual and culinary artistry.

Calypso Jazz & Cooking: Chef Frank and Pastry Chef Sherma unite to host a Calypso Jazz Music & Cooking class, where music and culinary expertise harmonize.

Caribbean Chilling & Grilling: Join Chef Ruban on the shores of Anse Mamin for a Caribbean Chilling & Grilling Party, an alfresco culinary adventure on the beach that captures the essence of Caribbean living.

Mango Madness at Jade Mountain


Indulge in Mango Madness at the 17th Annual Mango Madness Festival

For mango enthusiasts and those craving a tropical escape, join us at the 17th Annual Mango Madness Festival. Here, mangos are the embodiment of sun-soaked beaches, swaying palms, and lush tropical landscapes.

Mango Magic with Chef Allen Susser: Celebrate the essence of mangoes with James Beard Award-winning consulting chef, Allen Susser at the Mad, Mad Mango Festival. Savor his signature 25# Mango Mojitos and reserve your spot for the Night of 1000 Mangos dinner, an unforgettable culinary collaboration with Chef Elijah.

Mango Mystique: Uncover the culinary charm of mangoes in "Mango Mystique." Our gourmet creations, from delectable savories to sweet indulgences and refreshing cocktails, pay homage to the vibrant flavors of local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients. It's a journey into the heart of mango, preserving the culinary heritage of St. Lucia.

The Versatile Mango: From the sweet rush of a juicy mango bite to the fleshy peach flavors, buttery tartness, and sour, fibrous delights, mangoes come in a myriad of forms, finding their way into hundreds of treats and dishes, from smoothies and cocktails to salsas, chutneys, ice creams, and more. For ultimate relaxation, enjoy a mango-infused massage under the shade of a majestic 100-year-old Mango tree, or indulge in our Mango Bajita Massage.

Mango Treasure Hunt: Explore over one hundred mango varieties on a mango culinary treasure hunt at Nick Troubetzkoy's Organic Emerald Estate. Chef Frank presents Mango Mornings and his Caribbean Mango Tango Dinner. Other highlights include the Bikinis & Mangos Tasting Bash and Chef Ruban's West Indian Mango Chutney workshop on the beach. Additionally, explore the art of mango cooking all month long with our chef's "Mangos LIVE Cooking sessions."

Fisherman's Feast: On the last Sunday in June, a national holiday known as Fete Peche, the festivities conclude with the Fisherman’s Feast. It's a thanksgiving celebration that pays tribute to the sea's vibrancy and treasures. Jade Mountain's Chef Elijah curates a "Bubbles and Fins" seafood tasting menu, thoughtfully paired with effervescent bubbles from around the world, including Venetian Prosecco, Catalan Cava, and French Champagne, served every Sunday night in June.

Mango Madness is a celebration of flavors, culture, and the bountiful sea. Come, be part of this tropical gastronomic extravaganza, where mangos take center stage and island traditions thrive. Embrace the spirit of summer with us and let the mango madness sweep you away.

Spices at Jade Mountain


Sizzling Spice Extravaganza

July in the Caribbean isn’t just about sultry weather; it's a tantalizing celebration of diverse flavors and cultural fusions. St. Lucia, a culinary mosaic, draws inspiration from its tropical bounty, landscape, and a rich tapestry of cultural influences. Exotic spices create a symphony of tastes, transporting you to the heart of the island's traditions.

Passion Fruit Fiesta: Immerse yourself in the tangy, sweet, and aromatic world of passion fruits at our "Passion Fruit Fiesta." Each creation captures the essence of St. Lucia's culinary heritage. Join us for our tropical craft cocktail competition.

Spices of the Caribbean: St. Lucian cuisine, influenced by the island's unique climate and abundant natural resources, is a fascinating blend of herbs, spices and flavorings. By delving into our spice box, we unlock the secrets of captivating dishes that are a feast for the senses, igniting your culinary imagination.

St. Lucia Carnival - July 10-15: Celebrate life and freedom during St. Lucia Carnival. This colorful extravaganza fills the streets with costume parties, lively activities, and a pulsating two-day finale, culminating in a Road March featuring the best bands on the island. It's the most anticipated summer event, and you're invited to be part of the jubilation.

Culinary Adventures: Explore Caribbean spices with our culinary team. Join us for spice workshops, Tandoori cooking classes, the Apsara Curry and Pale Ale (IPA) Feast, and our Night of '24 Spices dinner in the Jade Club. Savor the art of mixology with our Spiced Rum Mixology afternoon on the beach and indulge in an Exotic Spice of the Caribbean Gourmet Dinner in the Old Tree House.

Release the treasures of spices and embark on a journey that will awaken your taste buds and culinary spirit. St. Lucia's July is an invitation to savor the sultry flavors of the Caribbean in an atmosphere that's alive with culture and spice. Welcome to a world where every dish is a symphony of taste.


Caribbean Fisherman's Festival: A Culinary Voyage

Indulge in the finest local and seasonal Caribbean Lobster during its prime season in St. Lucia! Join us on a culinary journey as Executive Sous Chef Elijah presents a magnificent 5-course Spiny Lobster Tasting Menu. Chef Elijah’s meticulously crafted flavors celebrate the very best of this delectable crustacean. Experience tropical delights and the freshest Caribbean lobster.

In the Caribbean, fish is the lifeblood of the islands. Nourishment flows from the surrounding seas, influenced by the alternating dry and wet seasons. Each season brings its own tropical fruits, citrus, and vegetables, creating a vibrant and diverse culinary tapestry. Caribbean cooking is a harmonious blend of colors, textures, and flavors, where every bite is an exciting adventure. Don't miss our West Indian seafood tandoori cooking class led by Apsara's Chef Ruban.

Guava Gala: Celebrate the sweet and tangy delight of guava with our "Guava Gala." Curated dishes and cocktails pay homage to this tropical gem, elevating the exotic fruit to new culinary heights. It's a sensory journey through the rich culinary traditions of St. Lucia, where the aroma and flavors of guava shine.

Chef in Residence: We proudly present our Chef in Residence this month, featuring Miami renowned chef Michael Schwartz from August 1st to 7th. Engaging with guests through events and meals, chef Michael will craft several unique signature seasonal farm to table menus, showcasing his culinary artistry with local flavors. An interactive Lunch & Learn cooking class at our organic Emerald Estate Farm will provide guests a chance to learn and savor the essence of the chefs' talent. Michael Schwartz, a James Beard Award-Winning Chef, brings Michael’s Genuine culinary finesse to enrich this exclusive experience.

Tropical Gourmet Monday Wine Dinner: Chef Frank hosts a splendid Tropical Gourmet Monday Wine Dinner at Balawoo, featuring sustainable local seafood paired with seasonal treasures like plantains, carambola, papaya, star apples, mango, and soursop.

Lionfish Beach Dinner: On Friday nights, join us for the ultimate Lionfish beach dinner. Sink your feet into the warm sands and sip on a tropical Pineapple Coconut Lime Spritzer while savoring a sustainable Lionfish feast.

The Caribbean Fisherman's Festival is a tribute to the ocean's bounty, a celebration of tropical flavors, and a journey into the heart of St. Lucia's culinary heritage. Come, let your taste buds set sail on this culinary voyage.

Spices at Jade Mountain


Roots & Rum & Carnival: A Culinary Adventure

September brings culinary excitement to Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet, inspired by the gentle Caribbean Sea breezes of the West Indies. We embrace our culinary "Roots", paying homage to our St. Lucian heritage and way of life, proudly preserved.

Coconut Carnival: Immerse yourself in the "Coconut Carnival," a tribute to the diverse world of coconuts. Our menu showcases the versatility of coconuts, using local and seasonal ingredients sustainably. Every bite and sip transports you to the heart of St. Lucia's culinary traditions. Sip on a rum punch cocktail and be whisked away to the sun-kissed Caribbean beaches.

Roots & Rum Gourmet Mondays: This month, our Roots & Rum Gourmet Mondays feature a curated four-course dinner, each course paired with a Caribbean rum complementing the cuisine. It's an evening promising a tantalizing taste of paradise.

Visiting Guest - Rum Expert Robert A. Burr: Joining us is rum enthusiast, author, judge, presenter, and journalist Robert A. Burr. He will delve into the rich history and culture of Caribbean rums. From fermentation to diverse flavor profiles that have developed over centuries in the Caribbean, Robert guides guests through the world of rum, offering ample opportunities to taste, discern, and discover the finest rums.

Daily Rum Tastings: Explore the richness of rums from St. Lucia, the allure of French Caribbean rhums, the distinctive flavors of Spanish Caribbean rums, and the historical significance of British Caribbean rums. Expertly guided tastings provide insights into rum styles, historical backgrounds, and current market offerings. Elevate your rum knowledge and palate with engaging and informative tasting experiences.

Rum and Dark Chocolate Pairing: Discover the harmonious union of aged rums with intense-flavored dark chocolates. The high cacao content in dark chocolates enhances the pairing with aged rums, creating an exquisite combination of flavors.

September's culinary journey at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet is a celebration of roots, culture, and the diverse world of rum. Come, experience the Caribbean through the lens of taste, and let your culinary adventure begin.


Creole Heritage & Chocolate Month Celebration

This month, join us on a vibrant journey celebrating St. Lucia's rich culture and heritage. We are proud to display local art throughout our public spaces and accommodations, reflecting the island's colorful history. The Madras team colors, artistic room displays, and menu graphics serve as visual narratives of our diverse heritage. In our Art Gallery, discover spectacular pieces by St. Lucian artists, each offering a unique perspective on our culture.

Cacao & Creole Fusion: Immerse yourself in the entwined history of Creole and Cacao, intricately woven into the fabric of St. Lucia's heritage. Our handcrafted Emerald Estate Organic Chocolate is a testament to generations of local expertise. As a Bean-to-Bar chocolate maker, we invite you to experience the serenity of the traditional St. Lucian Cacao Ceremony.

Creole Culinary Delights: Throughout the month, our culinary team will share the excitement of Creole customs through our cuisine. Join us for festivities like Jounen Kweyol, a national celebration featuring Creole food, music, and traditions. Don't miss our "Cassava Carnival," a culinary exploration of the versatile cassava, showcasing its delightful texture and promoting local, seasonal, and sustainable practices.

Creole Gourmet Wine Dinner: Join us for a five-course Creole Menu dinner, curated by Chef Frankie, featuring ingredients from our Organic Emerald Farm.

St. Lucian Art Inspirations: Discover your artistic talents in complimentary art classes led by local artist Jaja Misaki Simeon. Guided by his expertise, bring your artistic talents to life, painting a colorful still life or an inspirational tropical landscape.

Creole Jump-Up Party: The evening begins with complimentary cocktails and innovative treats from Apsara. Then, indulge in a Creole Caribbean buffet featuring a symphony of flavors created by Chef Ruban.

Creole Heritage & Chocolate Month is a celebration of culture, art, and culinary excellence. Join us on this cultural and gastronomic journey through the heart of St. Lucia, where every experience narrates a tale of heritage and flavor.

Lobster & Champagne


Caribe Food & Wine Festival

Dive into the culinary world of Caribbean style and flavor, against the spectacular backdrop of St. Lucia’s Piton Mountains. Our Caribbean Lobster & Champagne Tasting Menu blends tropical tastes and multicultural influences, celebrating aromatic, sweet, tart, piquant and mild flavors. To understand and appreciate it, you must first understand some of their most important foodstuffs. St. Lucian cuisine uniquely evolved through the borrowing and blending of foods and cooking styles. This Food & Wine festival is dedicated to our St. Lucian fishermen and farmers. Enjoy our Lime Luminary” menu featuring zesty and refreshing limes, highlighting their tangy charm through an array of gourmet dishes and drinks. This premier Caribbean culinary event offers craft cocktails, wine and Champagne tastings, cooking classes, farm tours, dinners, and Chocolate.

Start with a champagne tasting and enjoy Chef Elijah’s all-lobster tasting menu in Jade Club. At Anse Mamin, savor freshly caught grilled Caribbean lobster rolls, Green Papaya Salad with Caramelized Lobster Butter and icy Prosecco cocktails. Join our West Indian Tandoori lobster class to roast with exotic and aromatic Indian Spices.

“Chef’s BBQ & Red Wine Party” at Anse Mamin Beach

Join us at Anse Mamin beach for spicy fun and Caribbean excitement. Enjoy fresh seafood kabobs, BBQ ribs, and signature Grill Master Flavors prepared by each resort restaurant chef, led by Executive Chef Manuel. This fabulous annual beach party and red wine competition is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean.

Wine events:

Passionate enough to be a Wine Connoisseur

Join unique blind tasting lessons with our Sommelier. Blind tasting is a prerequisite for wine connoisseurs. Experience Wine One on One to kick start your ongoing exploration of wine.

Chef in Residence: Proudly presenting our esteemed Chef in Residence for November, the illustrious Beau MacMillan graces our kitchen with his Southwestern culinary mastery. Chef Beau, a two-time James Beard Foundation award-nominee for Best Chef: Southwest, brings his expertise to our table, for exciting dinners in dinners and cooking class. His triumphs include a memorable victory over Iron Chef Bobby Flay in "Battle American Kobe Beef" on The Food Network's Iron Chef America. Regularly featured on Food Network's acclaimed shows like Guy’s Grocery Games and Best Thing I Ever Ate. Chef MacMillan now serves as the Director of Culinary Operations for Clive Collective, in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Celebrate the Flavors of the Holiday Spirit

Experience the harmonious blend of Caribbean flavors while dancing to a tropical beat, capturing the essence of the holiday season. As we celebrate National Day in St. Lucia, the Festival of Lights fills the air with festive spirit.

The Feast of Saint Luce, Patron Saint of Light, marks a celebration of light triumphing over darkness, good prevailing over evil, and the renewal of life. Falling on the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, this festival is celebrated on our Celestial Terrace, offering a celestial view of the universe and countless shooting stars while you sip your after-dinner cocktail.

Step into the world of ginger with "Ginger Glory," a culinary journey that embraces the zesty, warm, and aromatic charm of this beloved root, infusing the holiday season with St. Lucia's rich heritage.

Chef Elijah Jules brings a "Jade Twist" to Christmas dinner, presenting a six-course tasting menu featuring his award-winning Seafood Chowder with Tarragon and Cognac, a Christmas Farm Salad, and a Pistachio Crusted Lamb Rack. Conclude your meal with a local favorite, "Black Rum Cake" with Macerated Fruits and Ice Cream.

On Boxing Day, indulge in a Lionfish Dinner at the water's edge on Anse Mamin beach, savoring a five-course culinary delight while contributing to the effort to control this invasive species.

Ring in the New Year with a full night of Jade Mountain Cuisine, offering a sophisticated adventure in comfort. Enjoy a six-course tasting menu, including a welcome Champagne Cocktail, and celebrate at midnight on the Celestial Terrace with panoramic views of our fireworks display. Live entertainment throughout the evening will make it a memorable start to the new year.

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