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ANSE CHASTANET’S stunning scenic setting and lush tropical surroundings provide much inspiration to visiting artists many of whom come back to the resort regularly. They have made ANSE CHASTANET an even greater visual feast by dedicating to and displaying some of their art at the resort.

Public facilities and all guest rooms have been decorated exclusively with original art. Local artists such as Lawrence Deligny, Peter Charlemagne and Matthew Paul have created colorful wall murals, painted “sky ceilings” and “flower boards” and impressive carved wall plaques and wooden sculptures.

International artists of acclaim have added amazing acrylic and ceramic tile paintings, all of them designed and completed for a particular setting right at the resort, and very much inspired by the vibrant colors and scenic beauty of St. Lucia. German artists Stefan Szczesny, Leif Trenkler, Stephan Schlitter, Hans Peter Adamski and Elvira Bach, Swiss artists Claude Sandoz, Urs Stoess and Peter Roesch, British artist Peter Newman, Dutch-Canadian artist Reina Nieland, Dominican artist Arnold Toulon and Guyanese artist Ron Savory are all part of the ever growing ANSE CHASTANET artist family.

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