The Most Common New Year’s Resolutions – And How To Keep Them

January 1, 2017
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Here it comes again: the time of year when most of us studiously start making resolutions. With the best of intentions we vow to get organized, get fit or take up a new hobby, so we can be a better version of ourselves in the coming year than we were in the last. But the truth is that about half of us will have abandoned those resolutions before the end of January! So we’ve rounded up some creative ways you can stick to the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Read it and “keep!”


  1. Eat Better Are you cutting carbs, going Paleo or trying veganism in an effort to drop some pounds this year? Well, eating healthfully doesn’t always mean eating less or cutting out entire food groups. This year, why not try to simply eat better? Eating organically grown fruits and veggies, and choosing items that are sustainably and locally produced is good for farmers, the planet and your waistline. And at Anse Chastanet we make it easy – and delicious! – serving dishes made from organic fruit, vegetables, nuts, spices and herbs cultivated on our own Emerald Farm. Whether you’re dining in our Treehouse or Trou Au Diable restaurant, you’re sure to find options to please your palate – and your waistline!

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  1. Exercise More We all know we need to work out more but who really wants to spend more time in the gym? Time logged on the treadmill seems to go as slow as molasses, and even the most interesting group class gets boring after the 10th time. But here at Anse Chastanet we offer tons of fun physical activities that’ll raise your spirits as they raise your heart rate. Ask “Bike” Tyson to guide you on one of the challenging cycling trails at Anse Mamin, next door. Go diving with the pros at Scuba St. Lucia, or hike the Tête Paul trail and snap a selfie between the Pitons. Want more active ideas? Just swing by the tour desk and let us arrange an energizing excursion for you.

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  1. Quit Smoking No ifs, ands or (ahem!) butts, smoking is a really hard habit to break. So in addition to seeking your doctor’s help, or getting patches and nicotine gum, consider setting a goal to achieve a physical feat that only a non-smoker’s lungs can handle. Our suggestion: Make a plan to hike the Pitons during your stay. The 2,619-foot climb up Gros Piton, the taller of St. Lucia’s iconic volcanic spires – which can be arranged through our tour desk – isn’t easy. But the view of St. Lucia’s landscape, the shimmering Caribbean, and our neighboring islands on the horizon, is so worth the effort. Trust us: your lungs will thank you.

  1. Save Money Many of us will try to tighten our purse strings this year. We’ll cut back on our daily Starbucks, brown-bag our lunch, and cancel our cable service. But even the strictest money “diet” should incorporate a few splurges to balance things out. So don’t let your newly tightened budget get in the way of taking a Caribbean break in 2017. Click HERE for current specials and the best deals on an Anse Chastanet stay.

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