Scuba St Lucia a PADI five-star Dive Center

March 3, 2017
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Even on the surface, St. Lucia is nothing less than stunning. With rolling landscape like a patchwork rug in variegated shades of green; waterfalls that plunge into effervescent pools; and curvaceous swaths of perfectly scalloped sand, our island has a beauty you’d have to be blind not to appreciate.

But what if you go deeper? What if you plunged beneath the surface of the water that washes our shores? Would you encounter natural wonders equally as enchanting? Can what lies beneath rival our topside’s tropical beauty?

Scuba St Lucia says “yes.” And they should know! Because Anse Chastanet’s dive center is the longest-established facility on the island, with 36 years of experience introducing divers and snorkelers to the underwater wonders just offshore from the resort.

Just steps from the water’s edge, our five-star PADI dive shop is perfectly placed for both beach and boat dives in the national marine park that borders the hotel. A mere 15 yards away, the reef is thriving with more than 150 species of sea life, including turtles, needlefish, octopus and peacock flounders, at depths of between 20 and 140 feet. Deeper still, divers can spot puffer fish, moray eels and even sea horses. (You’ll no doubt want to capture it all on camera, and as a Sea Life Underwater Teaching and Rental Center, Scuba St. Lucia offers the brand’s cameras, lights and other accessories for rental.)

And while the scuba and snorkeling is superb here all year round, we’re particularly excited about next summer, when the waters off Anse Chastanet will be witness to something really special.

From August 14 to 16 we’ll be hosting coral spawning dives, during which our guests will be able to watch the rare nighttime marvel of coral releasing millions of egg and sperm cells into the water. Looking like pink and white clouds of upward-moving “snow,” the cells float en masse to the surface for fertilization and then gradually sink to the sea floor, where they eventually form the basis of new coral formations. A mysterious and miraculous event that takes place about an hour after sunset roughly a week after the August full moon, coral spawning is truly a once-in-a-lifetime privilege we’d love to have you share with us. (Click here for diving packages.)

Not diving experience? No big deal! Our warm clear waters and protected reef make Anse Chastanet the perfect place to begin your diving career. We offer a resort course twice a day, during which our instructors will teach you theory, familiarize you with the equipment, and guide you in a dive just off the beach. If you like it you can progress to becoming PADI certified, and from there, well, the sea floor’s your limit! (Click here for details on all our diving courses.)

At Anse Chastanet one of the Caribbean’s top shore dives is just steps from your room, so why wait? Come on, take the plunge!

To book your scuba adventure and stay at Anse Chastanet contact us:

Tel: 1-800-223-1108


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