Guest Testimonials

JUNE, 2019

Literally everything was excellent. Service, food, dive shop, everything!
-M/M Milton

Dive trip, hotel and dive masters, five course dinner, vegetarian chef and the breakfast waitresses were all excellent.
-M/M Rosskamp

LM Stone group was very good! Everything was top notch. Special compliments to the reception staff. The dive facilities and staff are great.
-M/M Dieterich

Will be back! Love it here. The breakfast in the treehouse restaurant is very good.
-M/M Kass

Beyond our wildest dreams! Thank you so much! Our honeymoon has been amazing.
-M/M Hubble

I am a travel Agent, and I surprised my husband for our 18th anniversary to Anse Chastanet. We had a very memorable time at the resort. The staff was fabulous. It makes me want to send clients there without hesitation. We also got to tour Jade Mountain, and what a treat that was. Thank you and keep up the great work. You have a very special place. Thank you.
-M/M Patel

We loved our stay here, and cannot wait to come again. The facility is beautiful, the food is incredible, and the staff are warm, inviting and very helpful.
-M/M Kirkpatrick

An exceptional location. Excellent management team and wait staff. We were treated so very well from the moment we arrived. Thank you all for your hard work and commitment to excellence.
-M/M Milosovic

We loved our stay. The service was EXCELLENT. A big shout out for having a positive, helpful and excellent staff who seem so eager to please!
-M/M Seifer

The facility is truly amazing; a one of a kind place. I loved the two beaches as I am a beach person. The staff were amazing.
-M/M Duncan

Great time as usual. Great room!
-M/M Kassis

Had another fantastic holiday here (our second visit). All your staff are hardworking, wonderful and so friendly. They certainly are such an important part of this lovely hotel.
-M/M Fitch

Superb! Everything is great. We really enjoyed our time here!
-M/M Chen

We both had a fantastic time here over the past 10 days. All staff were amazing. Thank you!!
-M/M Davis

Personal service and attention were outstanding. The robe and slippers were fantastic. Loved the stories and laughter from the dive team. Awesome vacation!
-M/M Pozo

Everything exceeded our expectations and in particular, the food was even better than last year. We enjoyed every meal. Anse Chastanet is like a well-oiled but very personable machine, everybody knows their job, does it with a smile, and works hard, and with no supervision seemingly. The attitude of the staff is what makes the place so special. Thank you for our wonderful room.
-M/M Blake

Great place, food is amazing! Enjoyed diving and dive staff.
-M/M Kellogg

This was a trip of a lifetime for us. We really enjoyed our stay. The folks here were very professional and helpful. We thank each and every one of you for your hard work and May God bless you all.
-M/M Denny

Dinner in the treehouse was excellent.
-M/M Vogler

Amazing and unique experience! Staff, food and service were all outstanding.
-M/M Hanna

Second time at the resort, very relaxing, beautiful island. Not commercialized, please keep it that way! Great tour offers also will return again!
-M/M Kronschnabel

We greatly thank all of you! We were amazed beyond any expectations! Although we booked an all-inclusive package and didn’t use a fraction of what was available to us, we couldn’t want or expect any better, this trip was more than worth every penny spent! Truly a vacation for our dreams and only pray for many returns. Please embrace the wealth of greatness in every employee. Anse Chastanet has stolen our hearts.
-M/M Chalfant

First class resort, I could not have asked for a better vacation. Anse Chastanet is probably one of the nicest resorts that I have visited.
-M/M Bukmir

Thank you all so much. We enjoyed our anniversary celebration very much.
-M/M Wise

When I think of a honeymoon destination, there is no other place but Anse Chastanet. Everyone was singularly customer focused, generous with their time and supportive and gracious representatives of the resort. We never passed a single staff member who didn’t wish us a good day and ask how we were enjoying our stay. Importantly, living on the East Coast, with our fabled antisocialism, I felt that everyone cared when asking that question. I also know that if there was something not right, they would have stopped what they were doing to help make it right.
-M/M Glick

I was thrilled to get the same beautiful room as two years ago. Always enjoy the wonderfully friendly and helpful staff. Dives very well organized and accommodating.
-M/M Trecha

Thank you very much for having us. Wonderful resort and wonderful vacation. We loved the cats by the beach. Please slip them some food every once a while.
-M/M McCormick

My family had a wonderful stay. The rooms were perfect 12A for my wife and I and 12C for my kids. The staff here is excellent. No fake hospitality here! The food is some of the best I’ve ever had. Excellent chefs. The housekeeper for our room was so helpful and polite. Thankful for all she did. It was better than we thought possible, no place can be as good as this!!
-M/M Prudish

We love our home away from home. We really love Anse Chastanet and all of its people! We are treated very congenially by all! Our room was superb!
-M/M Constable

We had such a magical vacation; thank you for everything. We especially enjoyed jungle-biking, paddle boarding and our boat ride into Castries. We loved the farm tour as well. Yoga teacher was great. everyone was so friendly and kind. We’ll definitely be back!
-M/M Billerbeck

Enjoyed our time here. Beautiful room and resort. The diving was excellent. All went smoothly for us.

A beautiful resort all around. We walked around Jade Mountain as well and were very impressed.
-M/M Meyerhofer

Best holiday of this type we have done.
-M/M Clare

This is the perfect place to get off the grid for a while. We loved the facility, the design and layout of the facilities are incredible and more importantly the people were outstanding!
-M/M Metcalf

We had the most wonderful time here! All staff was amazing and so were the excursions. I have a dairy allergy and everyone we encountered were very accommodating. We can’t say enough good things about Anse Chastanet! We will definitely be back!
-M/M Littrell

The trip was magical. I stay in many nice resorts, and would see, myself to be fairly well travelled. The thing that will last in my mind would be the quality of your staff, the effort and the attention to detail you would expect that of a high end hotel, but the friendliness, the conversation, the memory and effort that they made for us, was truly exceptional. That wasn’t part of their job, perhaps it is St. Lucian spirit, perhaps they are just nice people, but we engaged daily in so many good conversations where your staff go the next step. I hold your hotel in very high regard, and will recommend it to anyone that asks.
-M/M O’Reilly

Great views
-M/M Simpson

Your resort is 5star. We plan on returning so we can go on trips we didn’t have time for and just bask in the sun and enjoy your wonderful peaceful hospitality. I will continue to recommend your resort to everyone.
-M/M Shinn

The beach experience and mountain views were both amazing. I love how unique this place feels and how “in nature” it feels. Super relaxing.
-M/M McDougall

Anse Chastanet was a trip of a lifetime; thankfully, we were pointed here for our honeymoon. I know that this resort and time would be nice, but to the extent at how incredible our time here was vastly underrated. The food was some of the best food I have ever had. My wife and I have traveled all round the world and have been blessed to live in food mecca, Charleston, SC. What Anse Chastanet does with their restaurants is remarkable! The food is so good and rich, beautifully presented and reasonably priced. If your restaurants were located in a brick-and-motar in my town, I would dine there weekly. I love that this resort locally sources just about everything from the ingredients via the farm to the furniture, to the chocolate. As a big proponent of shopping local, this resort was up my alley. The service during our entire stay was spectacular. It was Disney World level of service without all the crying babies and hot asphalt. Each employee we interacted with was very kind, talkative, and boasted in the beauty of this property and their country. Not once did we encounter a grouchy or disgruntled employee.
-M/M Burnett

MAY, 2019

I absolutely loved this resort. The staff, is always smiling and friendly. The facility is the perfect getaway.
-M/M Crawford

You are fabulous!! I really enjoyed my stay.
-M/M Holmes

Everyone was fantastic! Our proscuba group loved it! All staff were extremely professional, courteous and helpful. Highly impressed!
-M/M McLamb

Everything was great! Each and every staff was extremely pleasant.
-M/M Bailey

Amazing hotel, stunning views and really well kept, we both loved the natural and unspoilt beauty of the resort. Staff and service was exceptional with no small detail left out. Would definitely recommend this resort to anyone.
-M/M Mayhew

The Lucians are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful people! We thoroughly enjoyed all our interactions. We particularly loved the scuba diving and all the dive staff. They were very attentive and made sure we were taken care of.
-M/M Walters

Very nice service and people are very nice.
-M/M Fallica

All staff were great, very welcoming. Would love to come back! Absolutely great relaxing stay.
-M/M Cardenas

We will absolutely return; it is truly paradise.
-M/M Griffin

We both found the property superb. Very friendly staff! Our entire trip was well worth it. We will be back and will recommend to others.
-M/M Dewind

Everything was perfect.
-M/M Smith

We had a brilliant stay and cannot wait to come back (for 2 weeks next time). All the facilities are very good to excellent. The staff team is also very good. The guest services desk was very helpful. We loved the turndown service with postcard. The food and drink service on all-inclusive exceeded our expectations.
-M/M Humble

This resort is amazing, thank you for your reception and amiability. This is a perfect travel.
-M/M Madelin

Great stay, really enjoyed it. The beach and surrounding area are amazing.
-M/M Turnbull

Overall fantastic!! We do not want to leave ever beautiful rooms, beautiful resort and beautiful views, unbeatable.
-M/M Tummons

The most amazing resort, ever. Stunning, beautiful, relaxing, entertaining, delicious, and very peaceful. It truly is a place to escape reality and get in touch with yourself and surroundings. It has the perfect amount of everything you need in one place. Would love to come back and paint again. The vegetation is gorgeous and inspiring, to the little humming birds, colors, small towns, such a beautiful country  thank you for having us!
-M/M LeBlanc

We had a great time with you a few weeks ago. The hotel is lovely and your well trained staff could not have been more attentive. Our beach side room was always spotless and the air conditioning very cooling. We found the food great a varied. Loved the jungle trails and tennis. The diving and snorkeling was some of the best I have ever experienced.
-M/M Grindrod

All staff were amazing at helping me set up the beach meal in order to propose. The service here has been perfect. We couldn’t have asked for better service.
-M/M Longson

Best trip ever!! I completed scuba certification and crossed off a dream to visit from my bucket list. Food, room service, the nature, people are a delight we’ve found our “place”. It won’t be the last at this property.
-M/M Wilson

We stayed in 06B. This was beautiful thank you! The whole place has a lovely attention to detail that made our stay exceptional. All the staff were amazing.
-M/M Kelly

Everyone the entire staff was wonderful. Truly made our vacation very special. The restaurant manager went over and beyond to make a very memorable dinner it was very special. Thank you so much we are very grateful.
-M/M Koch

The room was amazing, the concierge people were great with assisting us on our excursions and taxis to the airport.
-M/M Shackleton

A memorable experience, best staff ever experienced!
-M/M Armstrong

We love it here! Hope to come back sometime soon.
-M/M Ewing

Anse Chastanet staff were all wonderful! Made us feel special from the time we arrived until we left! Definitely outstanding service. Loved the emerald farm tour! Food was amazing!
-M/M Eibsen

Excellent stay, all staff great service.
-M/M Chakravarty

Loved the range of walks around the plantation. Quiet and interesting. We walked every day! Overall very relaxing trip.
-M/M Jones

Excellent experience Great staff. We will return.
-M/M Perry

Great experience.
-M/M Harrop

So impressed with the cooks and the menu. I am a vegetarian and had plenty of tasty options and loved that the fruits/veggies are grown here. Service was spectacular, friendly, professional and accommodating. Rooms are exquisite.
-M/M Prichard

Staff was courteous, friendly and helpful. I’ll always remember my stay here fondly.
-M/M Schlemback

From setting foot at Anse Chastanet we knew it was a very special place. The warm welcome and friendly atmosphere is very evident. The peace and tranquility of the place creates an inner calm and restfulness. The attention to detail from the care of the gardens, pride of the service on the beach, sorting out the conference room so we could watch the football and the genuine love we felt from all the amazing staff truly made this and awesome honeymoon. Thank you for the flowers and champagne in our room and the nightly cards such great touches and much appreciated.
-M/M Budd

The Island resort and staff are amazing.
-M/M Kelly

APRIL, 2019

Every aspect of this holiday exceeded our expectations. The staff especially makes the resort 10/10; every single person we encountered was so friendly. We came here as a same-sex couple on our honeymoon and was treated like every other couple, never made to feel uncomfortable. Thank you. We loved the extra touches on the beach – cooling towels, spray etc.
-M/M Tong

We had an amazing time during our stay. Thank you all so much! We will definitely be returning at some point.
-M/M Olson

This is a unique place for vacation with the whole team.
-M/M Dundor

Excellent, this would be our first choice.
-M/M Bell

The hospitality here is #1.
-M/M Cohen

All is so perfect! Very peaceful and delicious retreat. Everyone was A++. This is our third time and we love it. A favourite destination.
-M/M Gillette

All the staff are amazing and they all deserve to be shown our appreciation. A wonderful and unforgettable time at Anse Chastanet. Thank you everyone! Everything was perfect and exceeded every expectation.
-M/M Perucca

This is our 4th visit and 50th Anniversary – Everything was great.
-M/M Molyneax

My wife and I recently returned from a week at Anse Chastanet. We had an amazing time and were completely amazed at the views, accommodations, activities, snorkeling and the beach. Topping all of this was the food and food service. You see, we decided to travel to the Caribbean even though I have a severe allergy to Mango, Coconut and all other tree nuts. Prior to booking we contacted the staff who assured us over email that they would be able to accommodate my allergy. We booked the trip thinking that I would be able to find a few things on the menu that I could safely eat and I would stick to those while we were there.

We were wrong, within a few minutes of being at the resort, I was handed a welcome drink and was assured that there was nothing in that drink that I was allergic to, the bartender then listed all of the ingredients.

A few minutes later, we were meeting Chef Frank Faucher. Frank was extremely understanding and comforting. He ensured me I would be able to safely eat the food and that everyone in the food service staff would know who I was. He provided me some guidance of the menu and foods to generally avoid. He told me “if there are any concerns please send the food back."

The second night we ate at the beach restaurant and met with Sous Chef Sean Alphonse. Sean was just as welcoming and reassuring as Frank. He provided some excellent guidance and made some wonderful recommendations. Both Sean and Frank were very professional and really wanted to “get it” right. Twice I sent food back with concerns and both times I was greeted with “these have already been modified for you.” On some occasions, they modified meals for me that I would normally not have been able to eat so that I could enjoy the variety and flavors offered by the incredible food.

As someone with a food allergy traveling can be risky and out of my comfort zone. I would like to thank Frank, Sean and the entire staff who looked out for me while I was in your care. I can’t thank you enough! We had an amazing 10-year Anniversary trip and are looking forward to returning again.

-M/M Allison

Wonderful welcoming staff.
-M/M Grundy

During our stay at the Anse Chastanet Resort, one could really feel that the most important aim of the staff was to make it a very pleasant and enjoyable vacation.
-M/M Meinicke

Everything was perfect. Thank you!
-M/M Friedland

Our stay was great! Very good service. Beautiful facilities.
-M/M Borges

Staff was as friendly and helpful as any place I’ve ever visited. That was probably the #1 highlight. The grounds were beautiful and facilities perfect for the location. Everyone we interacted with was very friendly and helpful. If we return to St. Lucia, we will definitely stay here again.
-M/M Durham

All the wonderful staff at Anse Chastanet. Bonjour!! Thank you so much for making our honeymoon the trip of a lifetime, which we will always remember!!

From the first time we entered our room, we were overwhelmed by the beautiful views of the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. Thank you sooo much for arranging this room for us, we will forever be grateful!! Thanks for being so friendly and welcoming. The customer service we have received has been excellent throughout our stay!! We appreciate that there are lots of staff here and we have only been able to meet a few of them! The staff behind the scenes – chefs, housekeeping, etc. have done such an amazing job. The food has been amazing and every meal we had was perfect!! We have enjoyed talking to all the staff and learning about their lives and the St. Lucian culture! Thanks again and hope to see you again one day!
-M/M Derham

Absolutely amazing. Everything was perfect.
-M/M Peddle

Amazing experience! So relaxing, inviting and calming. Our first time here, my parents 4th! Much nicer than other all-inclusive resorts. We will be back!
-M/M Byrne

Thank you for one of the greatest trips ever. Our anniversary could not be better and the family memories will last forever. Best Hotel, service and trip. Staff was amazing. We will highly recommend.
-M/M Kenoff

We couldn’t be happier with our stay at Anse Chastanet. It is truly wonderful.
-Eckert, 9005

It’s Perfect. Superb cuisine: The Chef prepared excellent creative meals. Outstanding, the waitstaff was excellent.
-M/M Hitchcock

Thanks for having us spend such a great week. Everything was perfect! Special comment to everybody for the nice services.
-M/M Lefevre

Such a luxurious place to relax and have so many wonderful spa treatments and excursions. We can see why so many people return! Thank you for making our 25th anniversary the most wonderful and memorable one yet!
-M/M Blanchford

All the staff were wonderful, pleasant, helpful and polite and anxious to make your stay perfect. A great credit to themselves and the hotel. Thank you so much.
-M/M Cloke

The entire hotel staff was amazing. Everyone was so nice to us and made us feel at home. Our room was always spot clean when we came back  such a gorgeous hotel!! We love it here so sad to leave can’t wait to come back!
-M/M Tyson

Everything was amazing.
-M/M Carpenter

Especially loved the Jazzy Sunset Cruise. The music of Roc Zii and Phynees were amazing and really made the cruise so much more enjoyable. The crew and the captain made everyone feel welcomed and kept the drinks flowing. The food at all the restaurants was very very good.
-M/M Johnson

MARCH, 2019

-M/M Ings

This is by far the best St. Lucian resort we have experienced. We hope to return. The location, facilities, atmosphere and staff were of an exceptionally high standard. The beach house was a dream. Every little touch did not go unnoticed! Food quality stands out in terms of comparison with other resorts.
-M/M Palmer

We enjoyed our stay. All staff are very friendly.
-M/M Kuster

Wonderful resort that exceeded expectations. Came down to finalize wedding plans for April and left with all questions answered and any anxiety set to rest.
-M/M Mitchell

Everyone was friendly!
-M/M Bassett

Complimentary guided tour of the old plantation was very good – would recommend. The shuttle boat to Anse Mamin was very useful. All staff was friendly and efficient.
-M/M Lymath

This is our 3rd stay here and the level of service and facilities continues to be excellent. The staff are all very welcoming. Very personal and very helpful! We’ve enjoyed a week of diving here, and again everyone at the scuba center was very helpful, friendly and supportive etc.
-M/M Faulkner

It was all that we expected.
-M/M Heard

Snorkeling guides and yoga instructors were very good. We liked the Eco feel to the resort and openness to the natural surroundings at the restaurants and area.
-M/M Knight

A wonderful relaxing hotel. The staff have been so helpful and friendly. The food has been a highlight both the variety and quality. The room service was good and Yoga with Laura was really enjoyable, challenging and also relaxing for all abilities.
-M/M Russell

Amazing experience! We loved our stay. St. Lucia is beautiful and the people we met even more so. Thank you a million times for going above and beyond to make this trip so memorable!
-M/M Rabbitt

Staff was excellent and friendly.
-M/M Hawthorn

This is our fourth visit. The food has always been excellent but we noticed even better on this trip especially the treehouse. We hope to return every 2 years.
-M/M Bergeron

Fantastic 1st trip to Anse Chastanet. We loved every moment. The food was consistently outstanding and the service always efficient and with a smile. Sincere Thank you to the lovely, warm and very good staff. Diving services were also top notch. All facilities were very good and appealing.
-M/M Wike

Room was beautifully decorated and great view. Snorkeling off the beach was very good with great variety of fish to see! The Sommelier at Jade Mountain was very helpful and knowledgeable, he stayed on after his shift ended to talk about wine and food matching.
-M/M Gale

Very friendly staff. Snorkeling was fantastic! Exquisite food. We did three tours. The half day sailing was excellent. Gros Piton tour was also good.
-M/M Charles

We have had a fantastic holiday in a perfect location. The friendly staff and excellent service have been second to none. We have really enjoyed the informative walks and enjoyed the excellent food in the restaurants and of course loved swimming and relaxing on the beautiful beach. Thank you for a great stay.
-M/M Wellbelove

Exceptional staff and facility.
-Kliewer, 07A

Loved our stay here. Great plantation tour and very interesting.
-M/M Oats

Thank you for a wonderful stay! We love our room!
-M/M Miller

We had a wonderful time, one of our best vacations ever.
-M/M LaBelle

Overall we had a lovely stay. Lovely as was the food. The towel guy was amazing. I have been coming for 5 years and my friends for 3. This is a yearly destination for us. 
-M/M Barnes

In general I was impressed by the congeniality of your entire staff. I have visited many islands but your resort is the one I certainly would visit again. Your Wednesday night singing group was the BEST! Loved the open air unit allowed the bird song in.
-M/M Wallner

Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding and honeymoon so special! We fell in love with St. Lucia and so enjoyed staying at Anse Chastanet. We will look forward to visiting again!
-M/M Nagle

We had a wonderful week, a very special place. Looking forward to a return visit! In addition to the idyllic location, the service was absolutely first rate, the combination made for a very satisfying experience.
-M/M Hornung

This was our second visit to St. Lucia but our first trip to Anse Chastanet. We were blown away from every aspect of our time at the resort. We were looking to get away from the “big” resorts and Anse Chastanet delivered. We will not come back to St. Lucia unless we stay at Anse Chastanet or Jade Mountain.
-M/M Murphy

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Food always excellent.
-M/M Park

We had an amazing stay.
-M/M O’Farrell

All week long I was looking for the right adjective to describe Anse Chastanet. I finally came up with the simple word “perfect”. If there were only imperfections we would not know it because of the exceptional staff and services provided to us. This is where we needed to be to decompress after a stressful 2018. It was nice to have my happy husband back. Thank you!!
-M/M Nucci

It was an amazing stay good food, Good service, beautiful location and fun things to do. Great Scuba!
-M/M Roberts

The food was excellent but portions were too big. There are many options but because portions are so big guests can only try one dish. Which is a shame since the food is so nice and tasty.

Bob and I had the best time at Anse Chastanet! It felt like “going home”  The people are so, so nice and warm and it was great to reconnect with them. Bob got to dive a few times, which I totally encouraged him to do. It’s great because he goes on the morning dive and is back at lunch time so we can hang out together. We spent many, many happy hours snorkeling right at the hotel away from the marine reserve where the others intended to congregate. Each snorkel was an adventure as we tried to find some new creature each time. (which we did most of the time!) I miss diving but this is the next best thing to it! The food is always amazing and it’s so great to go “all inclusive.” That way we were able to try everything and not think about “how much?” (and lots of rum too!) We loved the music every night the best part being later in the night when they played reggae. We danced almost every night, which we love…! Thanks for all you and your staff do to make my clients so happy!!
-M/M Rechner

Everything was perfect.
-M/M Lashley

Lovely hotel with first class servicing.
-M/M Lynn

WE had an amazing time and have highly recommended Anse Chastanet to our friends. It was everything we had hoped for, and more. Such an oasis of calm, peace and “maximum chill” We were pleased we chose the beach-side rooms – to be able to leave our room and 20 meters later be walking on an empty beach each morning was a bliss. We would love to return one day.
-M/M Edge

Our greatest highlight was the beautiful private dinner on the beach. Beautiful resort, excellent hospitality Breathtaking and wonderful!!

Your staff is friendly, efficient and helpful. They are well trained at their various jobs. We imagine that the service industry jobs can get very routine, but your employees made us fell we were new friends what a great get-away place this can be.
-M/M Hutchinson

Great time at the resort.
-M/M Lucas

The tours were wonderful. The Hospitality was the best! We loved that the hotel was peaceful and also allowed for adventure. The attention to community and sustainability is admirable and we enjoyed learning about all aspects of that. The meals were wonderful.
-M/M Reitnauer


Beautiful Terrific!
-M/M Cherry

All was perfect, exactly what we expected. Food was really incredible. All the People of the resort were also amazing.
-M/M Barbe

Wonderful stay again. Loved the cooking class and the chocolate lab. A very special place we will return again.
-M/M Orsi

The diving program is excellent and keeps us returning. Food was excellent as usual and the valentine events were delightful. Staff are competent, very friendly and go out of their way to give you a good diving experience. Bravo!
-M/M Milot

The staff on the beach are an absolute joy to be around. Similarly, the staff at the spa and the dive center have been fantastic and we’ve enjoyed making use of these facilities.
-M/M Bonney

Exceeded our expectations!
-M/M Babb

We have had the most relaxing time here. People and staff are very friendly and helpful couldn’t have wished for a better place.
-M/M Callan

Great food! Staff was wonderful. Room was also great! Clean and wonderful views. Beach services were excellent; the best I ever had.
-M/M Boileau

We loved Anse Chastanet so much that we brought friends as our guests this time who had never experienced a place like this or the island of St. Lucia (This is our 5th time to St. Lucia). The facilities and Aesthetic are fantastic, beautiful and genuine. But is the people who work there who really make the magic. Our stay was even better than last year and we love room 07B. We will be back again!!
-M/M Cadley

One of the best resorts I have ever stayed at. Came here for the diving the diving and the dive facilities was excellent.
-M/M Dembicki

Fantastic stay, totally beyond our expectations. We loved the beauty of the place, the fantastic huge room and the happy kind staff. This was a really special holiday for us and we hope to return.
-M/M Booth

All the staff were exceptionally friendly and professional.
-M/M Burgess

It was an amazing week at Anse Chastanet – it was a perfect 25th anniversary getaway.
-M/M Pete

Perfect vacation!
-M/M Nanes

WOW! Great room/view 04B.
-M/M/ Schmerbauch

All staff are courteous and welcoming! Everyone at reception is kind and helpful! Snorkel trip to pitons beautiful!
-M/M Biederman

Welcome was amazing! We felt like we were being welcomed into someone’s home instead of a hotel. Checking in by seating us vs standing. We will definitely be promoting your hotel to friends and family!!

Great experience. All staff were friendly and helpful.
-M/M Wilson

An excellent and friendly resort. All staff are so friendly and helpful. This is our 3rd visit and we will be back.
-M/M Stratton

Staff were very friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. Room service was excellent. We had a lovely time with the nightly entertainment. We enjoyed our honeymoon here and will be searching for another reason to return!
-M/M Humel

One of the best things about the hotel is your thoughtful and welcoming staff.
-M/M Hill

Wonderful staff!

The service and friendliness of the staff are outstanding.
-M/M Hirsh

The chocolate and the chocolate activities were amazing. The grounds and facility are beautifully kept. The food was amazing. Having different restaurants to choose from gave us an incredible choice. The Tuesday night buffet allowed us to taste many different dishes we might not have ordered from the menu. The breakfast buffet allowed you to have a light or a substantial breakfast depending on your plans for the day. We liked the all-inclusive plan. All the staff were welcoming, polite and eager to make our trip special. We didn’t run into a single grumpy staff member the entire week. The small size of the resort makes it easy to get to know other people and make new friends from around the world. It was easy to arrange to have meals with new friends. The staff at the excursion desk did a great job helping us to plan once we arrived. The binder placed in the room was extremely useful throughout the week. It was nice to have that information at your fingertips. Our room (2C) was spectacular. We really enjoyed the amount of outside space attached to the room. Having Wi-Fi in the rooms made staying in touch with family back home very easy. We sent home a daily journal of our experiences. We will have to come back to experience everything that we couldn’t fit into our week! It was nice to have the safe to lock up documents. It was also great to have the little refrigerator. We were provided with a bottle of champagne because we were celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary. That was a lovely surprise. Thank you to all of the staff at Anse Chastanet. The small details set the service you provide apart. Little things like the beach being raked every day, people bringing you popsicles in the afternoon or sweet smelling face clothes, people asking how your day is going, smiling faces, how easy it is to borrow snorkeling equipment, wonderful service in the restaurants, the outstanding housekeeping and ground keeping… all made our holiday extra special. Thank you.
-M/M Kettle

Overall we love the beach and snorkeling and staff in general.
-M/M Raia

All staff was excellent, friendly and helpful.
-M/M Handford

All staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful.
-M/M Nugent

Excellent tour boat trip to Soufriere, Excellent beach service and lounge/shade facilities, outstanding concierge service and excellent shuttle service invaluable.
-M/M Potts

All staff were excellent throughout from drivers to managers.
-M/M Whitlow

Thank you very much for all your attention especially to the manager thank you. The bedroom is spectacular.
-M/M Vazquez

Really fantastic holiday. All staff were so helpful, kind and friendly. They were very good and provided a great service.
-M/M Morris


Everything was magnificent. Exceeded expectations. All the staff went above and beyond.
-M/M Katz

Beautiful hotel with such an amazing location!
-M/M Efiong

All the staff was wonderful.
-M/M Haun

Anse Chastanet is extraordinary in every way.
-M/M Ferenczi

All staff are very friendly and welcoming.
-M/M Hawkswell

A beautiful place with excellent facilities. A relaxing place to be. Staff are very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the yoga classes very much.
-M/M Jones

Thank you for a lovely stay.
-M/M L Eppard

Had my 70th Birthday on the 6th of January. What a place to spend it! Thank you for the birthday cake. Loved the Anse Mamin beach.
-M/M Thompson

Overall lovely facility. I especially loved the beach with the little natural umbrella’s, the chairs and the attendants that were so friendly and willing to help. The staff are very well trained and are happy and helpful!
-M/M Masterson

Our stay was magical. Thank you so much. Paradise.
-M/M Herrington

We were very impressed by the friendliness of all staff. Loved the veggie friendly menu!
-M/M Howells

A very interesting and enjoyable stay. Hotel service was excellent, the in room information book was excellent. Great service from all staff. The free shuttle to beach and transfer to town was excellent.
-M/M Gellantley

-M/M Smith

We had a wonderful visit to Anse Chastanet, we greatly appreciated the tremendous natural beauty of the site, and the outstanding effort to incorporate a luxury hotel in a natural setting. It’s so relaxing and beautiful. The open air rooms with the outstanding views were amazing. The staff were all warm and wonderful. Our driver from the airport was particularly great, as was the beach staff and the wait staff in the restaurants. We also very much enjoyed the snorkeling, the biking and the yoga. The lunches at the Jungle grill were a true highlight of our stay, I really miss the Mahi-Mahi sandwiches.
-M/M Howland

Amazing stay! The food and staff were wonderful and the beach was lovely. Yoga instructors were kind and patient.
-M/M Balmforth

We had a wonderful, relaxing holiday in a fabulous location. The hotel exceeded our expectations and I would recommend it unreservedly. We plan to be back! Very many thanks to the wonderful staff for their unfailing friendly and cheerful, professionalism.
-M/M Waters

A dream fulfilled. Thank you so much for a wonderful and magical stay.
-M/M Ugarenko

Our honeymoon stay could not have been more enjoyable.
-M/M Shalestik

We have been coming here over a period of thirteen years and this is I think our sixth or seventh time. The resort has expanded since the addition of Jade Mountain but we still find the same care, good food and service. This year we spent time on Anse Mamin beach too and found this delightful. Staff are clearly a real asset making you feel welcome and cherished. Lovely beach and great staff. Thank you for the flowers, the wine and the additional chance to have room 12D. We found the menu offered a variety of dishes which suited us for our ten day stay. Our room 12D is a delight and the housekeeping staff have really provided us with a beautiful room. Thanks to all staff who made this such a wonderful holiday. We are sad to be leaving but will be back next year.
-M/M King

We loved every minute of our stay here! The rooms, food, staff were all excellent. We are going home very relaxed and happy. Thank you.
-M/M Togwell

The staff at Anse Chastanet truly makes Anse Chastanet a magical place. We had a wonderful stay thank you! I was fortunate to come as a child and now have the great pleasure of bringing my children.
-M/M Dumler

Wow! Exceeded our high expectations. Didn’t know places like this still exist. Beautiful in every way. Thank you to all of the gracious staff for a wonderful stay. Can’t wait to come back.
-M/M Anderson

Great exotic getaway!
-M/M Baldini

Service was very good. Every one of the staff is wonderful.
-M/M Ganger

We really enjoyed our stay here. The staff have been brilliant; very friendly. Loved our room, loved the Molton Brown toiletries and the coffee in the room. Loved the warm welcome from all the staff, from reception, restaurant, bar, beach and garden cleaning staff.
-M/M Adcock

We had a great week, food was excellent! Staff was kind and courteous.
-M/M Stillwell

A very good stay. The hotel service was excellent and friendly. We liked room 03C. The food at the Anse Mamin beach restaurant was excellent and we had lunch there most days. Beach facilities was excellent and all the staff were excellent and amazing.
-M/M McWhirter

Another perfect week at Anse Chastanet. We were never disappointed. We loved the hikes and really loved the scuba tour.
-M/M MacDonald

Excellent! The best place I have ever been and stayed. All the staff waited on us hand and foot. Thank you.
-M/M Matthews

Probably the best holiday we have ever had and we are over 60 years of age! Thank you very much.
-M/M Gove

We have had a lovely time here and everyone has looked after us very well indeed.
-M/M King

Amazing, Speechless!
-M/M Green

Staff are brilliant. All are fantastic!
-M/M Sommersell

All the staff were friendly, and helpful without exception. It seems that a very strong culture of service and friendliness has been established. We would describe Anse Chastanet as natural, understated luxury – a perfect combination for us!
-M/M Tate

Enjoyed the week. Food and drink was top quality.
-M/M Millichap

The staff was wonderful as ever. Love them all. The jazz cruise was great!
-M/M Barrett

Staff are always cheerful and welcoming. Making you feel special  and the food is so tasty.
-M/M Edenden

Beautiful location. Excellent hotel in all ways. Beaches are very clean and good service from the staff. All staff were courteous and helpful especially reception staff and management. Enjoyed the beach buffet and party on Tuesday and the steel band was excellent.
-M/M Millard

Everyone was really helpful and sympathetic.
-M/M Deveaux

The Diving team is very professional. All staff are very welcoming and helpful. The beach face towels and popsicles was good.
-M/M McGowan


This was our second time to Anse Chastanet. Our first time was 20 years ago on our honeymoon. We can’t be happier that we choose to come back!! Everything thing that was meant to, stayed exactly the same and everything that changed with the times did. The food was absolutely divine.
- M/M Yorio

This is the 3rd trip for us. I’m very pleased with this stay. Can’t wait to return again.
- M/M Kelly

Amazing! Thank you for all you thought of for our guest. You made us feel welcome; we felt like special guests. Wonderful hello’s from all the staff and questioned if there was anything we might need. The resort is very well kept, the food amazing, activities great and also great staff. You exceeded every expectation! Thank, thank you!!
- M/M Hannon

This place is very relaxing and food is excellent. The service restaurants and foods are top class. All the staff are very welcoming.
- M/M Holmes

Everything was simply amazing. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
- M/M Simkins

Every aspect of our stay was remarkable. We love the resort and hope to be back again. The staff is wonderful, the food is fantastic. Thank you all for the beautiful experience.
- M/M Lichter

Everything has been amazing.
- M/M La Munyon

A dream come true, no disappointments, paradise!
- M/M Garrett

Overall, our experiences here was stunning. Magnificent location. The food consistency was excellent, perfect beach and impressive services and maintenance. Range of activities superb. Also Green Gold Coffee is excellent great way to start the day.
- M/M Dodge

Thank you for making our honeymoon amazing! We want to come back! And will recommend to friends and family.
- M/M Simons

The wait staff and reception was excellent all staff was friendly and helpful.
- M/M Wilson

You spoiled us rotten and we loved every minute of it! Thank you for everything!
- M/M Shapaker

We have so enjoyed our stay. It was our 9th visit.
- M/M Thomas

Thank you all. We have had another fabulous stay. We love 07E, great views, the staff was all so lovely and helpful. We love it here.
- M/M Roberts

This is the best service we have received.
- M/M Louis

We had a great trip. The setting is spectacular. Amazing location!
- M/M Pollack

Very friendly always and good service Beautiful resort and have had an incredible time Loved the snorkeling
- M/M West

All excellent and had a wonderful stay.
- M/M Martin

Staff is fantastic!
- M/M Guillon

Thank you for an amazing vacation experience. My husband and I travel all over and stay at 5 star resorts. Anse Chastanet has been the best because your staff, every single person was happy and lovely. They seem to know in advance all of our needs. The spa was amazing they were professional and amazing.
- M/M Kardon

Our favourite hotel on the planet. We call it our paradise. Hoping to return with some friends next time. Have also recommended too many we know. All staff make you feel very special. Loved our suite, 07F is the best ever!!! I believe we have had 13 INCREDIBLE vacations!
- M/M Krohn

The entire staff was amazing. Very warm and welcoming. I have traveled extensively and the food was outstanding. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner was probably the best I have eaten.
- M/M Tabaczynski

Lovely property, lovely people, great vacation, hope to be back! Food was excellent.
- M/M Sandler

Everyone was very friendly, met some great new friends there!
- M/M Ottaway

We had a wonderful experience. Everyone was great. The only suggestion is that it would be nice to have a night light in the bathroom.
- M/M Brink

Great place.
- Anonymous

Jazz Cruise was excellent. The saxophone was excellent. The beach was very clean and well taken care of. We Appreciate towel service and lounge chairs. Great dive shop very safe. The fireworks was spectacular, the female Jazz singer was amazing! More comfortable chairs in room would be nice.
- M/M Stark

Your staff are wonderful, so friendly and warm. The resort is perfect, and the design of it is fabulous, really enhances the Caribbean experience. So lucky I chose Anse Chastanet. Waking up to the view of the pitons is magical, and the sounds of the birds is bliss.
- M/M West

We have had a truly wonderful stay, start to finish. The staff have been uplifting. Thank you.
- M/M Whitty

Our room (02B) was beautiful. Everything was wonderful! We definitely want to return!
- M/M Gemma

Good service
- Anonymous

We would stay here forever if we could. What a beautiful place. Service all around has been stellar.
- M/M/ Smith

Wonderful! Exceeded our expectations. We loved the snorkeling. It was such a great vacation that we totally forgot about Christmas!! Thanks so much!!
- M/M Myers


Beautiful, clear rooms and fantastic staff all are so helpful and friendly putting one at ease and relaxed.
- M/M Samuel

The location is really nice and landscape is beautiful.
- M/M Maritz

Our entire experience was more than amazing. We were celebrating our honeymoon and the entire staff went above and beyond. Even the turn down service with rose petals on our bed one night! Every single staff member was amazing we cannot thank the staff enough for making this week special for us! We will absolutely return and will tell everyone about it!
- M/M McDonald

All staff are wonderful and indeed it is what makes a great holiday.
- M/M Warner

We have already booked to return in June 2019.
- M/M Walker

We really enjoyed our stay at Anse Chastanet. Thank you for your hospitality and care. We appreciated the staff members constant positive attitude, helpfulness and organization. The shuttle service was a great addition, the food was fantastic and the room was breath-taking. Thanks for offering us a great honeymoon experience!!
- M/M Léger

Everyone is so very friendly! 
- M/M Jacobs

This is our 2nd stay and we love it here. The massage was excellent. We love the beach and love that we are not told no for anything and we can do watersports unlimited. I would highly recommend this resort to anyone.
- M/M Phillips

Really loved this hotel. A beautiful hotel in perfect balance with surroundings. A perfect Caribbean experience. Great staff and location. Spacious and excellent facilities, relaxing and in a stunning location for everything.
- M/M Chapman

Without exception the staff are well friendly and helpful providing excellent service and making our visit feel very special. Thank you to everyone.
- M/M Allen

The staff are amazingly friendly and helpful.
- M/M Trexler

All staff are wonderfully friendly and make an effort to welcome us!!! They bent over backwards for our convenience. Outstanding organization of activities and Lovely friendly service at dinner.
- M/M Wilby

World class wonderful location!
- M/M Abys

We had a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable stay at Anse Chastanet. All of the staff were exceptionally friendly, attentive, respectful and helpful and added immensely to our enjoyment of staying at the resort, they always had a smile on their faces, very much appreciated.
- M/M Offord

Staff was friendly and helpful and the location is very good.
- M/M Suschitzky

All the staff are superb!
- M/M Jones

Everything here has been amazing, blown away by the rooms. Looking forward to sending clients here!
- M/M Smith

The chefs at Jade Mountain are very pleasant, fantastic people.
- M/M Goan

We had an amazing stay. Will be back!
- M/M Reid

Fantastic stay, we wish it was longer.
- M/M Howes

We all had very enjoyable times during our stay. Everything is so special and beautiful! I’m so glad that I’ve chosen your resort for our vacation this time. It’s a unique place to stay. We’ve got a very impressed memory about your resort and will absolutely come back in the future!
- M/M Qiu

Loved our time at Anse Chastanet.
- M/M Bolger

This is a very special place. The service is excellent. Everybody is so welcoming, it really makes for a good experience. A rear treat! The food was excellent too.
- M/M Mayfield-Blake

We had a wonderful night stay. The staff were wonderful. The beach was excellent. We enjoyed hiking the pitons, and mountain biking. The food was also delicious.
- M/M Smith

We had a wonderful stay at Anse Chastanet. The location, the scenery, the beach and the food were all terrific. What really sets Anse Chastanet apart is the service and the team. You have a very special place at Anse Chastanet, and we look forward to visiting again one day!
- M/M Reid

We cannot say enough great things about our recent stay at Anse Chastanet. It truly far exceeded our expectations at every level. One truly amazing note to be said, everyone of your staff was outstanding, from reception to departure and everyone in between, even the few times we passed by a grounds keeper. Everyone spoke to us and was welcoming and gracious and had a smile on their face. Furthermore, the food was absolutely outstanding! I can’t recall a cruise or other island that I visited where we had consistently excellent food. My 13 year old fell in love with the virgin banana daiquiri.
- M/M Jackson

Best hotel/resort experience to date. We will recommend this resort to anyone travelling to beautiful St. Lucia.
- M/M Hutson

We enjoyed ourselves at Anse Chastanet. We had a very relaxing week. The location of the room was quite good for viewing the Caribbean as well as the upper potions of the Pitons. The food was very tasty and well presented.
- M/M Piltman

We had a lovely return welcome. The entertainment in the Piton bar pitched perfectly and was exceptional as always. Thank you Anse Chastanet for another lovely stay. Hope to see you again. 
- M/M Savage

Amazing location, we had a very nice stay, best vacation of our lives. Our room was very nice, we loved both beaches, the beach facilities, the amazing snorkeling spots and the excursion options. We hiked the Gros piton with a wonderful guide. We also loved Yoga the teachers were very good. We really enjoyed the Emerald Estate farm visit it was very interacting and our guide was great and very funny. But the best of the whole experience was the FOOD! Especially at the Treehouse and Anse Mamin beach.
- M/M Le Diffard

I’d suggest the kitchen considers reducing the salt in the food, most of it was too highly seasoned for my taste.
- M/M Guille

A beautiful situation and a lovely place to stay. A completely relaxing and restful holiday with good company, good food and plenty of things to do.
- M/M Ward

Housekeeping was OUTSTANDING without exception, all staff were friendly, helpful, and made us feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. Yoga was fantastic and excellent massages were done by the masseuse.
- M/M Blythe


Very nice facility and Staff are very friendly.
- M/M Pennyfeather

Chocolate tour was very interesting. Dive guides were great. Great resort.
- M/M Mulvaney

The spa was amazing. We have never had a better massage.
- M/M Moore

We loved the plantation guided walk. The beach is beautiful with good snorkeling and the fruit kebabs and popsicles we a nice touch.
- M/M Baruah

All the beach staff were great! The restaurant staff were friendly and helpful!
- M/M Curtin

Excellent stay! All staff were great.
- Anonymous

It was our first time and it was great and worth it!
- M/M Rene

Excellent service and friendly staff. Food was very good and presentation was excellent. The pastry chef did a fabulous job.
- M/M Johnson

Outstanding honeymoon, amazing and completely relaxing!
- M/M Roemer

Lovely, relaxing and beautiful place. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and enjoyed the yoga sessions the facilities are in keeping with the surroundings that make the place different from other luxury resorts. Food and service are exceptional! We will be back.
- M/M Griffin

Anse Mamin, Emerald and the Treetop restaurants had excellent food and service. The rooms were fabulous, comfy bed, beautiful furniture and everything was thought of. We appreciated the supply of cold water and the Moulton Brown toiletries.
- M/M Lacy

Lovely and peaceful hotel. The view was exceptional. Team members are pleasant and welcoming.
- La-Force, 07C

Our stay has been nothing short of amazing at Anse Chastanet. Every staff member went above and beyond to take care of us. Room 04C was excellent and helped us celebrate a memorable honeymoon.
- Kohly, 04C

This was an absolutely fantastic trip for us. We hope to come back soon! Everyone was fantastic.
- Travers, 05A

We had a fabulous stay at the hotel – the service and facilities were outstanding, as was the food. We were very pleased with our large well maintained room (09D).
- Wilby, 09D

Thank you for such a tranquil holiday with many facilities to enjoy. We particularly loved the snorkeling. Thank you again to all of the staff. They are a credit to the resort.
- Stocker, 09C

Another really enjoyable holiday at Anse Chastanet. The staff have been as welcoming as ever and work really hard to make everyone’s holiday special. Overall the food and beverages have been very good. We also had an excellent lunch and dinner at Jade.
- Braben, 07B

We returned to Anse Chastanet because we had such wonderful memories of the environment when we spent our honeymoon there in 2008. We loved the uniqueness of the resort, the natural environment and the feeling of being isolated. The peace and quiet and the sound of the birds. The staff service on Anse Mamin, was very friendly and excellent. All drinks including wine and cocktails were excellent. We would love to visit again due to the nature and beauty of the resort.
- Galsworthy, 05B

All members of staff are amazing! Friendly, helpful, attentive, open and relaxed. The atmosphere is superb the location of the hotel, beach, vegetation and water reefs are outstanding. Also including the grounds men who keep everything well looked after by removing all the weeds on the steps.
- Midgley, 04C

Thank you to Karolin and the whole Troubetzkoy family, we had a superb time! It was and absolute pleasure being here.
- Welland, 07B


We really enjoyed our stay and getting to know the staff! Everyone made us feel so welcomed! We hope to be able to come back one day! We are so thankful for the tour desk officer, who helped to get our helicopter ride arranged to the airport. We really loved the staff and our time in St. Lucia!
- M/M Williams

I had a memorable time at your resort, the staff were amazing.
- M/M Collymore

We truly enjoyed our recent stay at your wonderful resort. The property was absolutely as beautiful and definitely lived up to our expectations from all the reviews and advertisements.
- M/M Lumb

Everyone was helpful, smiling, and polite and made our stay just delightful.
- M/M Aertker

Everyone we meet at the resort was very friendly and accommodating and went out of their way to make our stay absolutely amazing. The trip of a lifetime!
- M/M James

Thank you for your wonderful service and kindness.
- Anonymous

The room was very spacious and nice, we enjoyed our night. The experience was amazing and I loved it everyone was nice.
- M/M Joseph-Albert

If we return to St. Lucia, we would stay here.
- M/M King

What’s not to like at Anse Chastanet? Everyone and everything is just perfect, a really relaxing stay made all the more enjoyable by everyone at the resort that contributes to its lovely setting and smooth running. Service has been gratefully received by us and we would like to thank everyone from reception, housekeeping, beach team and restaurant teams for making our stay so special. The grounds team deserve special thanks for keeping the gardens so beautiful and clean. Thank you also for the bottle of wine on our arrival back here.
- M/M Strawbridge

Thoroughly enjoyed our vacation here. Excellent!
- M/M Davies

Loved the live bands.
- M/M Beale

The resort is excellent and we enjoyed the food, service and beach amenities.
- M/M Paddock

Beautiful stay, as we celebrated our honeymoon. Nice touch in our room on arrival, with bottle of champagne and card. Would be delighted to return and will be recommending Anse Chastanet.
- M/M Mulraine

Had a wonderful time! Everyone is quite friendly, the food is fantastic, and the beauty of the venue is unparalleled. The scuba managers and their crew took very good care of us.
- M/M Rowton

We had a wonderful stay! Anse Chastanet is a unique and special place! The staff were amazing! The room and view was breathtaking. Best view and beach.
- M/M Ferguson

After nine years of visiting Anse Chastanet, the resort is still fantastic. Thank you for keeping the charm intact.
- M/M Brewton

The two things I like the most; the rooms are excellent and the service is excellent.
- M/M Houghton

We came to dive and it was great! Everyone was so very helpful.
- Anonymous

Amazing staff – always smiling and willing to help.
- Anonymous

Every member of staff we have come into contact with has been cheerful, pleasant and polite. All the waitresses have been attentive and happy to chat or help in any way. The management should be proud of all the staff. There are too many to mention individually.
- M/M Hardy

AUGUST, 2018

I was extremely impressed with all aspects of this resort. The people working at the resort were friendly and helpful and it was always nice having a little chat each day and getting to know the staff. I thoroughly enjoyed the ocean, walking through the jungle path and all the water activities. The food and drinks were amazing. Thank you to all the staff and for all they do to make this place so amazing. This place is truly a paradise, it was exceptional and I enjoyed every minute. It was a perfect vacation. Would absolutely return in a heartbeat!
- M/M Moses

The facilities and service were spectacular. Everyone was wonderful and the food was amazing! We can’t wait to come back!
- M/M Klauck

Very friendly staff.
- M/M Bischoff

Our stay at Anse Chastanet has been incredible. The beach staff was amazing. The diving team were incredible. I would highly recommend this resort to all my friends and family.
- M/M Faulkner

We have had a fantastic week here. The resort is beautiful and the excursions on offer meant we could see more of St. Lucia. The staff are so friendly and welcoming. This was our first time in the Caribbean and hopefully it won’t be our last!
- M/M Nelson

The food was amazing. I intend on returning in the near future.
- M/M Absalom

We had an absolutely fabulous time. Everything was top-notch. Every single person working there was wonderful, so happy and helpful and fun. It was all so perfect, even the 130 steps up to the resort from the beach! We will be returning in May 2019 for sure.
- M/M Barwick

Food and selection were amazing!! I am a vegetarian an there were plenty of options. Staff overall were friendly and accommodating. We had a wonderful time at this magical place! Thank you!
- M/M Host

The service and hotel were beyond our expectations. The quality and level of service by the staff was amazing; they knew our name! Our room was always clean upon return. Food always delicious.
- M/M Wilson

We had a wonderful stay here – Thank you so much! It was the perfect place to celebrate our marriage. We loved it! A wonderful experience!
- M/M Huebers

An amazing resort with wonderful and very pleasant team members. The shuttle drivers were spot on. They were very polite and excellent. We had a truly amazing and restful stay.
- M/M Parle

We love you!
- M/M Stuart

Amazing resort offering, pure vacation luxury. Still can’t thank everyone enough for the experience
- M/M Walby

Everyone should stay here once in their lives – more if they can!
- M/M Gresham

Loved every minute of it. It was nice to be greeted by all the staff here whenever we walked around the resort. We were spoilt for choice with food and drink menus. We were never left wanting for anything and it seems every little detail had been considered (i.e. Water in our room, lemongrass towels, daily treats on the beach). Thanks
- M/M Drewery

Thank you for a wonderful visit! We can’t wait to plan our next trip.
- M/M Ross

Best resort in the Caribbean! We’ve been to 10 others. Your location is superb, beautiful views of the water and your famous pitons! Excellent service and food! What a thrill! Beautiful rooms! We will be back next year to room 7E.
- M/M Bender

Great resort
- M/M Hammer

All staff are fantastic.
- M/M Parish

What a delightful place, beautiful and peaceful. Could not be happier. All the staff are so friendly and really beautiful. We stayed in the resort the whole time which we never normally do, but it was so great. Diving was excellent, safe, calm, attentive and welcoming.
- M/M Boyle

JULY, 2018

This is a beautiful place, it is unique. The staff are beautiful! Professional, yet warm and friendly service. It was outstanding. The resort and the memories that go with it, will remain with us for a long time. The service was so personal, staff took time to know our names, and it made all the difference. We would love to return it has done us a power of good!
- M/M Mason

We truly enjoy our stay, we would love to come back. Special thanks to the wonderful people there.
- M/M Gonzalez

Overall wonderful staff, expeditions and food. We truly enjoyed our time spent here! 
- M/M Merril

This experience has been wonderful all around. We hope to make it back someday soon.
- M/M Neilan

Your excellent staff are your greatest asset.
- Anonymous

Our stay was amazing! Thank you
- Anonymous

Love the yoga classes
- M/M Agape

Firstly, we absolutely loved our trip and had a great time! The staff and service at Anse Chastanet were amazing. We had a wonderful honeymoon which was absolutely perfect in every way. Thank you once again for a wonderful trip. We hope to return one day soon and will certainly recommend you to others.
- M/M Larkin

Service was awesome. Staff is very nice.
- M/M Kanarian

The rooms are kept very well. Amazing!! Thank you for all the room service and housekeeping. The burger bar was the best as was the Indian Restaurant at dinner. Food was amazing. The Piton bar entertainment is very entertaining and we enjoyed it!!
- Anonymous

The warmth and kindness of the people make the whole place feel so comfortable. Excellent peace of mind, gentleness and such a community you have. The whole place is big “wow” I am so glad to have been here. Will come back again. Loved Apsara, Treehouse and Jade Club restaurants, the food was excellent. Bless you all. This was very special. The spirit of this place is quite inexplicable. Thank you.
- Anonymous

Amazing stay! Everyone was so friendly and the staff did a great job making it feel like home! Thank you for pure excellence.
- Anonymous

We had a wonderful trip. Yoga was fabulous. All the staff was so friendly and helpful. Our housekeeper was a delight. Our room had a fabulous view of the Pitons and lush landscape. Thank you!
- M/M Downs

Other than this I have to say every member of staff we met were amazing, they were a true credit to your hotel, would be the reason we returned.
- M/M Slater

We had a wonderful stay for our honeymoon from the moment we arrived on the island until the day we left. Thank you!
- M/M Pezdek

Very nice resort. Rooms are well maintained. All staff was pleasant, excellent food. Definitely a place I would return.
- M/M Griffin

Exceptional service, perfect room. We were really satisfied.
- M/M Nelson

We enjoyed all the activities provided by the resort. We loved the Jazzy sunset cruise, the staff was very nice and we had a great time.
- M/M Guney

All round great trip. I was able to enjoy all my activities and relax too.
- M/M Pausche

Awesome trip and resort!
- M/M Kline

I loved the community you all have set up at Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain. Wow. The gardens, the people and the food all perfect. The testament to how special your place is; the family atmosphere of the island and your “family” of Anse Chastanet and the people who keep it going with such grace and beauty.
- M/M Brown

Had a wonderful time travelling with Blue Water Divers to Anse Chastanet. The facility is beautiful. The food was amazing. I enjoyed sitting on the balcony each morning with coffee and each evening before bed. In addition to scuba diving, several in my group did the sunset kayak and greatly enjoyed it. I also had a massage on my last day that was wonderful.
- M/M VanDerMeer

Everything about Anse Chastanet was wonderful- the service, the facilities, the views etc.
- M/M Siegel

Excellent Resort!!! Thanks to all the staff for doing a great job!
- Anonymous

Food and wait staff was excellent.
- M/M Rose

Our whole experience was outstanding! Great facilities, outstanding service, great food, amazingly clean throughout the property.
- M/M Baker

We loved the rooms and facility overall. The people, in general were wonderful.
- M/M MacNaughton

Staff was fabulous, everyone we met was polite and helpful. Wonderful service.
- M/M Hinton

Anse Chastanet was the perfect place for our honeymoon! It is an absolutely beautiful resort and the views from our room were stunning! Our room (the piton pool suite) was everything we could have wanted. The beach area was also a great place to spend our days, and the activities were just what we were looking for! We always felt welcome, and the staff were all extremely friendly and helpful. The food was delicious, as were the drinks! We highly recommend Anse Chastanet as a destination for anyone, for a honeymoon or anniversary or any occasion!
- M/M Schreyer

The service, people and experience in general was phenomenal!
- M/M Herrero

Great location, Amazing staff, so helpful and pleasant. Reef in excellent condition which made for great snorkeling.
- M/M Brown

All staff members were very polite and helpful. We love the community here it really felt like home. Thanks to everyone.
- M/M Avakian

Staff were very nice and polite. Food was delicious and wide variety of trips were offered.
- M/M Moughton-Small

Service and food was great.
- M/M Cox

All staff are exceptional. Your resort is the sort of place I have been imagining for years – ethical, beautiful, sustainable, and ridiculously hospitable. Truly a work of love and devotion. I can’t tell you how much my partner and I enjoyed our time at Anse Chastanet and we will definitely return. Thank you so much.
- M/M Hanson

We stayed here for 3 nights in 2017, and loved it so much we came back!
- M/M Whittingham

JUNE, 2018

We stayed here for a week in June and it was astounding. The service was out of this world. Little details were paid attention to such as water in the fridge and somewhere to dip your feet in to get the sand off before you entered your room. I would totally stay here again and recommend it. The service on the beach was great.
- M/M Gaunt

One word describes Anse Chastanet - breathtaking! Loved everything about this place, the people, food, service, nature, accommodations… etc. So peaceful, so relaxing! Hate to leave! Thank you thank you. We will be back! We definitely plan on returning.
- M/M Rice

Awesome! Wonderful hotel.
- M/M Todd

We have had the most fantastic three days here. The main standout has been the utterly spotless service we have received from all staff. It has been a true pleasure and we will be back. The hotel also bent over backwards to accommodate our needs and improve our stay, we will be recommending highly. A++++!!
- M/M Nooth-Cooper

Amazing, beautiful place. Loved the open-air everything. Service was beyond amazing. We loved the shuttle service.
- M/M Zizos

We love Anse Chastanet. Always think of you all year. Thank you for a wonderful visit.
- M/M Caldwell

Great week would recommend to anyone. The Dive Staff excellent all around and the breakfast and dinner service was excellent.
- M/M Guillory

The staff were exceptional! I came with a dive group as a non-diver and was treated no differently. I was always greeted with respect and a smile. From our housekeeping staff to our dinner servers everyone was wonderful. The dive staff were a great group to work with.
- M/M Solinksy

Once again a wonderful holiday at a superb resort. Thank you! The Staff were all helpful and friendly as usual. Great to see the hotel staff again. Loved the room and the beautiful flowers on arrival. We loved the meals and the menus provided adequate choice.
- M/M Goss

We shall treasure the time we spent here. It was much needed and we enjoyed it very much. I cry easily and so many times I was overcome by the beauty of Anse Chastanet and the hospitality of the staff. We live near the coast in Virginia and get hurricanes. I will keep you in my prayers when the storm develops. Thank you to each of you for the wonderful and blessed time. We lived in St. Lucia for 7 days. It was such a joy to see the floor tile in the bathroom. We have same but smaller tiles in one of our home baths. Every time I go in there now memories of the beach house will flood my heart.
- M/M Savage

Thank you for a fantastic stay. This is one of the best hotels we have ever stayed at. The staff were fantastic and were giving us probably the best service we have ever received. Truly exceptional service and a truly magical resort. Would highly recommend.
- M/M Naik

All in all our stay was made fantastic by the wonderful staff at the resort. Every member made us feel welcome and could not do enough for us. We are truly grateful!
- M/M Naik

The staff was very accommodating and went above and beyond to make us happy. We were provided with water then asked as well if there was anything else we asked for. We appreciated the respect and consideration the staff showed and amenities such as refrigerators and microwave provided for us.
- M/M Sevransky

The staff was excellent at Anse Chastanet and all the restaurant/bar facilities. The housekeeping was exceptional, very professional and courteous. The dive team was excellent, we did 2+ dives per day and every dive was well executed-very professional. We have been diving around the world and the dive masters and captain were all the BEST! Everyone at Anse Chastanet was excellent – very friendly and helpful with anything that we asked about or setting up external events.
- M/M Belin

Everything was beyond spectacular. The excursions were great, so much to do!
- M/M Skirmont

Nice resort, fabulous food.
- M/M Parker

What a beautiful place, private laid back but luxurious in an ecofriendly way. The room was first class even though we were only in a standard room, it was lovely and the views were very special. All staff in every area excelled to make us feel welcome and comfortable. They all deserve a mention. Food was excellent and we particularly loved breakfast in the treehouse – absolutely beautiful. The whole place was kept spotlessly clean and the beaches were wonderful. The excursions covered every need and were arranged with little fuss and an itinerary sent to your room so that you knew exactly where to be and when and what to take with you. We will certainly return to this beautiful natural paradise. The most beautiful resort that I have ever stayed at and the most wonderful staff. Everything was done with a smile and nothing was too much trouble. It was like staying in the middle of nature but with all the facilities. Well done everyone.
- M/M Harrod

Wonderful to be back at Anse Chastanet. The service remains exemplary throughout the resort and is amongst the best in the world. The food likewise is amazing and extremely high quality. We came on honeymoon 10 years ago because Anse Chastanet is one of the most romantic places in the world. Once again all the staff, without exception were wonderful. The service whether it be from housekeeping or in the restaurants is amongst the best in the world in our experience.
- M/M Keeling

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Anse Chastanet, the staff were very friendly and helpful.
- M/M Keipp

All of the staff was extraordinary, warm welcoming and extremely hospitable. They made us feel at home and like family. This is our second visit and we hope to return in the future. Thanks to Emerald farm and the chefs, the food was outstanding. Thank you for giving us a little bit of paradise!!
- M/M Nizin

You are running a remarkable and outstanding facility at Anse Chastanet, the best resort we have been to by far. The outstanding aspects are: Location – resort design and beach facility Level of service – exceptional everywhere Attention to detail (e.g. beach services-afternoon sprays and cool towels), turndown service and bed decorations. Food quality The AI meal plan makes the stay simple
- M/M Braithwaite

Excellent steel band
- M/M Gavazzi

Our vacation was lovely! The staff was amazing at every turn. We enjoyed the food, drinks, and all the excursions and activities.
- M/M Shoemaker

Everyone was extremely welcoming and kind. Thank you for providing us with a relaxing and interesting stay in St. Lucia.
- M/M Masko

The trips were wonderful, especially the farm tour with chefs and the chocolate lab. This is a very special place and I could see myself returning in the future.
- M/M McDowell

Learned about the place 25 years ago and have been dreaming of a visit since then! Finally made it – fabulous!!
- M/M VanKirk

We had a great trip. Loved the resort, rooms and diving. You have done a great job with the marine preserve. Lots of critters to see.
- M/M Evans

Service by all was excellent. Hard to select just the right name to acknowledge. Could not have asked for a better experience.
- M/M Jackson

Beautiful location, absolutely delicious food, and the people…absolutely wonderful and friendly! The dive spots were breathtaking and just in front of the door step.
- M/M Johnson

SCUBA center was superb! We had a fabulous week!
- M/M Vankirk

Beautiful location, absolutely delicious food, and the people…absolutely wonderful and friendly! The dive spots were breathtaking and just in front of the door step. I would like to once again thank you for an unforgettable time at Anse Chastanet. I would like to emphasize that the best part of our stay were the unbelievable kind, service-minded and happy employees. We really hope to come back in the future and bring some friends and family.
- M/M Hobi

Thank you to the staff for their kindness to us during our stay. I found all the folks to be some of the friendliest I have met on my many trips to the Caribbean. The server we had at the last dinner was exceptional. But then again, all we encountered were tremendous. It is very hard to single out anyone.
- M/M Winner

The service is efficient and friendly. All staff members are smiling and friendly, we are constantly greeted with a “hello” and “how is your day going?” Tranquility is the key, no pestering, no music, just jungle and wave noises. No pressure! Being a vegetarian, I was glad to have so many, delicious food options. Eco-friendly (limited plastic usage), organic & fresh produce, were greatly appreciated. Water taxi service is a must, so efficient. I have been to AI resorts in Varadero and Cancun. Your resort is top notch, it doesn’t compare to where I’ve been. We are left alone, never crowded. I loved it. So luxurious, the views are phenomenal.
- M/M Hennessey

We loved staying at Anse Chastanet! You have an amazing facility!
- M/M Dotts

Very helpful and friendly staff everywhere! M/M Kjaersgaard It was wonderful to stay at Anse Chastanet again with the Kids Sea Camp.
- Lengacher, 09D

MAY 2018

Everyone was great with excellent and friendly service from arrival to departure. We have had an amazing time and don’t want to leave. Our next hotel in Barbados is going to have to work hard to beat this. Loved the low-tech rooms without TVs and sound systems. Excursions were great. We couldn’t choose between St. Lucia and Barbados so we decided to visit both. Now I wish we were here spending the whole time here. Hopefully we’ll be back soon!
- M/M Moncrieff

We are delighted to inform you that our recent stay at Anse Chastanet was just as enjoyable as last year. All the staff went to great lengths to ensure that our holiday was the best it could be and are both courteous and friendly. The food is still delicious and our room 10C was perfect. We have recommended Anse Chastanet to everyone we know.
- M/M Parkin

Excellent overall. The staff was great, especially on arrival. Very WARM and FRIENDLY.
- M/M Kan

Wonderful resort and lovely staff. Thank you so much for a fabulous holiday.
- M/M Cortez

We have had an incredible holiday which in no small way due to this kindness and love given to us every day. Thank you so very much we will always be grateful for the memories we have and for the fun that has unfolded. All staff in every position throughout the resort gave exceptional service, was kind, helpful and happy made my wife and I feel at home. Thank you.
- M/M Hawkesworth

Loved out time at this resort. Your staff made our stay better than we would have ever imagined. Loved the bartenders in particular the one who invented the drink Spice it Up and did the Sunday afternoon mixology class. He was a favourite of ours, professional, and very friendly.
- M/M Mitchell

The chocolate tasting and hiking tour of the Estate were very worthwhile and enjoyable, and the mixology class was very generous. I am thankful for the shuttle that came around frequently! The fact that there was nightly entertainment was one of our favourite things. It was very good, too. I loved that there was twice daily yoga. Everyone was so warm, friendly, smiling and happy to be there, and obviously part of a family. It is a very special quality about this resort.
- M/M White

07B was a great room with a super view.
- M/M Kostigen

A beautiful place, lovely food and a really helpful staff. We had a wonderful week.
- M/M Walker

We have really enjoyed our stay here. We have been here before and would return again.
- M/M D’ancey

We have had an amazing stay. Thank you so much for our wonderful room and beautiful view of the Pitons, and for all the generous gifts that have made our stay so special for Jonathan’s 60th. Everybody has been so kind and all the staff are polite and professional some have become real friends. Special mention for our trips – we loved the snorkeling, bird walk and waterfalls.
- M/M Blake

Great stay! The staff and facilities were wonderful. The food was amazing! Wedding events for our friend’s wedding were perfect. Thank you!
- M/M Wiley

Scuba diving setup is especially good. Excellent all round.
- M/M French

All we can do is say “WOW” and talk about how we want to move in. Loved it. Everything was mind blowing! Thank YOU. Everyone was so amazing. We are coming back to lead a couples yoga retreat June 2019. We will be returning with 10 couples or more!
- M/M Macy

A wonderful holiday in an excellent resort.
- M/M McNaught

Location was first class, beautiful and very romantic. Tennis coaching was very good and facilitated meeting other couples to play with.
- M/M Nelson

Everyone was very kind an helpful
- M/M Reinhold

This is our third stay with you and we’d come back in a heartbeat. It’s so lovely here – don’t change it! Staff all so friendly, the food was lovely. Snorkeling was brilliant. Love it!
- M/M Davey

Thanks for the coconuts the perfect place for our honeymoon.
- M/M Reinhold

Best trip of our lives! Fantastic service from every single staff! We will be back!!!
- M/M Clark

This trip has exceeded our expectations your property is beautiful we had the best time cannot wait to go back again in future. We have been telling all of our friends and family about this paradise thanks again it is a trip to remember.
- M/M Morris

The staff are all friendly and helpful and some of them stand out as exceptionally friendly and helpful. Staff are always very attentive. Exceeded our expectations.
- M/M Naylor

We dived 3x days and it was fabulous. Will recommend to others and hopefully return.
- M/M Walston

Top notch wait staff. Every meal was better than the last!! Shuttles respond quickly loved the Sunday Brunch! We had a fabulous time! Thank you all
- M/M Banks

The staff was uniformly warm, friendly, helpful and professional. The dive staff and crews were outstanding.
- M/M Minor

We love it here so much. This is our third trip and we are already planning the next one. Everyone is so friendly and they go out of the way to makes sure you are happy!!
- M/M Chesnutt

Appreciated resort room – meeting all needs, loved the treetop location and porch. Diving staff are so very nice and pleasant to work with and helpful. Food was incredible and wait staff is very attentive.
- M/M Pauly

What an incredible vacation! So much beauty and adventure right at our fingertips. No shortage of things to do in the resort. Wish I’d had more time for even the complimentary activities!
- M/M Bouska

Anse Chastanet is in Soufriere, St. Lucia, on the Southwestern part of the island and is the best resort I have ever visited. I’ve stayed at many all-inclusive resorts and have traveled to many countries and many Caribbean islands and Anse Chastanet is by far my favorite. We stayed 9 nights and did not want to leave at the end of our stay!

RESORT: The resort completely exceeded our expectations. Prior to our arrival, I had read over 100 reviews, had looked at hundreds of resort pictures, and had done my due diligence before deciding to spend nine-nights and to have my wedding at Anse Chastanet. I couldn't have made a better choice! The rooms are beautiful, the vibe is relaxed and not stuffy, the resort is very green and jungly with a smattering of beautiful flowers here and there, and both beaches are absolutely exceptional. If you are a guest at the resort, the beach has private covered grass huts with sunbathing chairs that lay flat. Each hut comes with a flag that you place in the sand if you want service, drinks, or food (so convenient and nice). My family and I took advantage of the SCUBA diving that is located at the resort as well as the snorkeling and both were very good. Some of my family members used the available resort paddle boards (included) and really enjoyed their time with the water sport activities and equipment (all included). Many of our guests also took advantage of the spa and got massages and I heard nothing but positive reviews. Lastly, upon checkout, there were no surprises on our bill. This resort is truly ALL-INCLUSIVE (if you choose the full all-inclusive plan - highly recommended).

On a side note: Jade Mountain is Anse Chastanet's sister and uber-premium resort which sits just above Anse Chastanet at a higher elevation. My wife and I visited Jade Mountain twice during our stay; once for a quick tour during the day and once during the evening for dinner. Both visits were amazing and Jade Mountain is single handedly the most impressive combination of landscaping and architecture that I have ever seen in my life (after having travelled to 35+ countries).

ROOMS: My wife and I got married at Anse Chastanet on Anse Mamin Beach on 18 MAY 2018 and spent 9 nights in their most premium room (Piton Pool Suite - Casuarina - 5D) which overlooked the Pitons (amazingly beautiful and picturesque view), had a private infinity pool attached to the room, had a large deck with a beautiful view, and had a very large bathroom with two showers and double sinks. We also had 30 wedding guests with us as part of our party, so, we were able to check out many of the rooms at the resort and all of the rooms that we visited were really nice. The premium rooms were extra special, but, I didn't see a single room that wasn't beautiful in its own way and that I wouldn’t have been comfortable staying in. FYI: All of the rooms are open to the environment and have plantation type wood slats that you can open or close to peer out into the jungle or onto the beach below. In general, the rooms are very relaxed, open, and not super stuffy or sterile. They rooms are very warm, welcoming, and provide a relaxing vibe.

FOOD: The food is 5-star amazing and was our favorite thing about the resort! The taste, variety, choice, and presentation are all top notch. We live in NYC and have very high expectations of food and service and we were impressed. The food is the best food we've ever had on any vacation and has better food than any resort that we've ever been to. I cannot emphasize enough how good the food was - which was a wonderful surprise. FYI: When staying at Anse Chastanet, guests have a choice of a full All-Inclusive plan, partial All-Inclusive plan (breakfast and dinner), or, guests can choose to pay meal by meal. I strongly recommend the full All-Inclusive plan due to the high prices of drinks and food if you’re not on the All-Inclusive Plan. 

SERVICE: The service is very good for the Caribbean (taking "Island Time" into consideration). Living in NYC, we are used to very fast service which doesn't exist in the Caribbean, but, the service was fast enough and the staff are generally super happy, pleasant, and genuinely seem to care about the guests. I'd rate the service a 7/10 overall and an overall 9/10 when taking into consideration that this resort is located in the Caribbean. We had a great experience with the staff members. 

WEDDING: Our wedding planner was an absolute Godsend. She is 100% on point and amazing to work with. She is a super hard worker, pays attention to detail, is fair, and is super sweet and helpful. She is the number one reason that our wedding turned out to be our perfect dream wedding. I would recommend her to anyone. Working with our wedding planner reduced our stress level by at least 90%. We can't say enough good things about her. She is by far our favorite person at the entire resort (among many great staff members). We got married on Anse Mamin Beach which is about a 5 minute walk from the main Anse Chastanet Beach (both beaches are associated with Anse Chastanet). Anse Mamin is more private, smaller, and has a beautiful area for the ceremony, pictures, dinner, and after party among the palm trees and under tents. Our wedding was literally a dream. Everything was beautiful and perfect to include: The flowers, the table setting, decorations, music, food, pictures, and environment. If you are thinking about having a wedding at Anse Chastanet, work with the staff and be very specific about what you want - they will accommodate your every request. FYI: Prior to your arrival, you will work with a wedding planner via email who are super helpful in order to arrange all of the details and to make sure that you have all of your paperwork in order. Once you arrive on site, you'll be transitioned over to a wedding coordinator. Lastly, the photographer that the resort provided us (who works for the resort) is amazing. He is very professional. We are very happy with the way the pictures turned out and we couldn't have asked for more beautiful or more professional pictures. He's got a great eye and is an extremely hard worker. We highly recommend Bernd and the professional photography package that he and the resort provides.

In conclusion, our expectations were exceeded and we will certainly stay at Anse Chastanet again! I highly recommend Anse Chastanet to anyone who wants a perfect dreamlike beach wedding, a romantic getaway with their loved one, or, to anyone who wants to have a special and memorable vacation with their family or special group of friends. Anse Chastanet is my single favorite resort in the entire world. I can't wait to visit again.
- M/M Schmutz

Beautiful artwork and furnishings. Unbeatable view of ocean and sunset. Room always left immaculate.
- M/M Talintyre

Service was excellent at all areas. I commend your service staff – they were all excellent.
- M/M Okinch

We came here to relax and enjoy ourselves. We did just that. This is my favourite resort. I have been to yet in the Caribbean. I love that there is no TV or radio. The views of the rooms are awesome. Your staff are all wonderful, polite and work so hard, a credit to you. They are fabulous I will be back again in the future – THANK YOU ALL!!
- M/M Wheatley

We had the most wonderful time, the service from all staff was excellent. Facilities wonderful.
- M/M Wright

APRIL 2018

We had a wonderful visit and all the facilities were excellent, the staff was great! Everyone was helpful and made us feel welcome.
- M/M Bell

All staff was amazingly friendly and helpful. So much to do, so little time, while being very relaxing and personal. Thanks for making our 5th Anniversary, a vacation to remember and quite possibly our best vacation yet. We must and will be back.
- M/M Hypolite

The resort setting is beautiful, and the overall experience was wonderful. The manager’s buffet was exceptional, we really enjoyed the variety of food, which was excellent, as well as the entertainment. Wonderful evening.
- M/M Tagliavia

The massages were excellent!! The wait staff were all hardworking and friendly.
- M/M Nydegger

Typically, we do not frequent buffets, but the Manager’s buffet on Tuesday was outstanding. Service was truly outstanding and a major highlight. Various managers frequently inquired about our level of enjoyment throughout our stay. The main beach and variety of activities were excellent. Overall, the resort food was very good. The room view and location were both excellent.
- M/M Bodnar

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Anse Chastanet. Thank you for creating such a fantastic experience. I also greatly appreciate all the efforts you have made to contribute to the economic well-being of St. Lucia.
- M/M Godfrey

Food, service and staff are exceptional!
- Anonymous

Service in general and the kindness of people is exceptional. We learned a lot from our tour guide and diving was great our boat captains and staff were very supportive.
- M/M Ritter

Food was fantastic all the meals! The towel setup and abundance of chairs was great. Loved the privacy of our room. One of the most welcoming, friendly resorts we’ve ever stayed at. The all-inclusive package was well worth the money and really did cover just about everything!
- M/M Anderson

We loved the location of the resort and felt that the staff were some of the best in the Caribbean. Very warm and friendly to say the least. The shuttle service up to our rooms was a much needed plus and you could always count on it to be there when you needed it. Your beach services are wonderful and I would recommend you to any divers I know as this seems to be a big draw.
- M/M Alexander

Beautiful resort, restful, pleasant diving. Excellent dive crew personable, fun, warm and helpful. Thank you for all the rides from the beach to 12A.
- M/M Hartwick

The room was great, and so helpful to have shuttle service! The dive/boat crew we had were absolutely OUTSTANDING!
- M/M Putaturo

Very friendly staff! Beautiful beach with great snorkeling. Beautiful hotel, great place to have spent our honeymoon!
- M/M Weideli

A perfect vacation! Relaxed atmosphere, great accommodations and the finest staff we have ever encountered. Attention to detail in the facilities is welcoming, comfortable and very visible. However your most treasured resource is your staff! We have travelled extensively and the staff at Anse Chastanet is the warmest, friendly and engaging staff we have ever encountered. If we could award Anse Chastanet one gold medal it would be to your staff! They have become friends that we will look forward to seeing again! You are all awesome and we miss you! Can’t wait to come back and see you!
- M/M Rechner

Wonderful vacation, exceptional and cheerful staff. Loved our visit.
- M/M Tremblay

Thank you for our wonderful vacation facilities and staff were superb! Love it! Love it!
- M/M Golding

Love coming here! Great service and diving. Thank you!
- M/M Ellis

This is our third visit. Anse Chastanet is the most peaceful and relaxing vacation I ever experienced and I always take home lovely memories of my stay here. The staff and the surroundings make you feel very special!! A very safe environment also! Thank you
- M/M Chaytor

Anse Chastanet is a magical place; we love it.
- M/M Stein

We were thrilled with our room, this visit truly felt appreciated as a return guest. The staff were as wonderful as always. Loved the flowers, special drinks and wine were a special. Extra shout out to the wonderful dive staff! This is our happy place
- M/M Dow

We had an amazing time. All was taken care of by the staff! My masseuse was excellent. The diving was great. The staff was nice, friendly and helpful. Our housekeepers were nice and good!
- M/M Doll

The Indian cooking class is spectacular!! If you don’t have a tandoori, you can still learn a great deal about spices and cooking. We had a wonderful stay. Everything was wonderful. All of the staff were extremely hospitable.Absolutely fabulous!!
- M/M Peterson

I loved it here at Anse Chastanet and I’ll come back soon with parents. Everyone here is lovely and welcoming and I will miss that when I go back to England. The room 05B Flamboyant, the room we stayed at was the best room I could ever hope for. Thank you everyone at ANSE CHASTANET.
- M/M Danilchenko

We couldn’t have asked for better. Every tour or event was way above average, all of the tour guides, employees were extremely knowledgeable. I went on Emerald Farm Tour, Planation tour, rum mixology course, tandoori cooking, a private walk, and I don’t even remember what else. All beyond wonderful!
- M/M Allman

We have visited the Caribbean 6 times before, this is our best experience. There are plenty of beach beds and wonderful staff there.
- M/M Williams

A beautiful, quiet, relaxing spot. We loved:
• The super friendly, helpful staff
• Both beaches
• Lovely rooms with great views
• The chocolate lab
• Lovely hiking and biking trails
• Commitment to local ingredients and to art and culture.
Overall an excellent stay especially because of the staff. One of the best we’ve ever stayed at!
- M/M Stevenson

Just spent the morning raving to my gym friends about Anse Chastanet. What a great facility and setting. We loved doing the stairs, having two beaches and walking between them. The beach huts, the view from our room, the sunsets, having no TV, hiking the jungle trails, the yoga, the coconut ceviche at the Jungle grill, the cocoa tea, the cold lemongrass towels, JM stone, the cleanliness of the resort, the fact that no one was smoking. So many highlights very few low moments. Thank you for wanting to be the best that you can be.
- M/M Ginocchio 

An excellent holiday. Pre booked tours went well.
- M/M Jezzard

We have had a great vacation and would like to return soon.
- M/M Yule

Very nice place.
- M/M Kan

Wow! What an excellent experience!! More than we ever expected. Staff was fabulous! Room was great could not have asked for more. Will recommend highly!
- M/M Brillhart

The entire staff was excellent and staff seem to be very happy and enjoy what they do and they all made our stay very enjoyable.
- M/M Szlachetka

Jazz cruise was perfect!
- M/M Simkins

We appreciated the room that was attributed to us. The view over both pitons and beach was definitely a plus. We also liked the landscaping and the daily bouquet. The postcard left daily on our bed is a very original way of discovering more about the island. The schedule for the meals was also good. The hospitality and the food was really good. The tours and trips were well organized and the different services well coordinated.
- M/M Girard

We have both truly enjoyed our stay here immensely and would gladly return. The room fabulously quirky, but well equipped. The beach and huts were fabulous and well serviced. This place is paradise.
- M/M Exwood

Enjoyed our holiday here. Lots to do in the area. I enjoyed the use of free paddle boards etc. Lovely Molton Brown bathroom toiletries. Lovely setting and will recommend to our friends
- M/M James

Excellent hotel with fantastic service from all staff! Thank you for a memorable holiday!
- M/M Harding

Our stay was magnificent! We only wish that we could have stayed longer, but definitely plan to in the very near future. We ate dinner at Jade and it was excellent.
- M/M Donaldson

We stayed in 11B. Great quiet location. Perfect location and room for us! We really can’t wait to schedule another trip to Anse Chastanet!
- M/M Rechner

Our room was the best we have stayed in. The feeling of being in the tree-tops and the views all around of forest and ocean were magnificent. Breakfast and dinner mainly in the Tree Top restaurant was also wonderful, lovely waitresses and senior staff, food beautifully presented and selections every night of interest. . Our few days with you in St Lucia made it our best holiday experience and a memory we shall cherish always! We would love to come back and would definitely recommend the hotel to everyone!!
- M/M Boon

Overall an excellent experience made special by the attitude and attention to detail of all staff.
- M/M Williamson

MARCH 2018

Exquisitely well managed. Unable to find any significant flaws in the entire resort. The staff set an extremely high standard with professionalism and good-natured personality that we have never encountered elsewhere.
- M/M Caldarone

We had a wonderful time. The resort and island surpassed our expectations! All servers and kitchen staff were excellent in accommodating our dairy allergy which was wonderful! Thanks.
- M/M Motimer

All staff were efficient and friendly. My favorite regular place swim is at Anse Mamin where the food and service is excellent and it is not crowded. As a single woman travelling on her own, all aspects made my stay exceptionally pleasant.
- M/M Hart

We had a wonderful experience and look forward to coming back! We loved it!
- M/M Cartz

We were delighted with our stay at Anse Chastanet! The food was outstanding across the board! The service was excellent. The music at the Piton Bar was great.
- M/M Segura

We spent most days at Anse Mamin the staff were fabulous.
- M/M Dickson

Lovely would like to return!
- M/M Hough

We had an amazing time! We loved our stay here!
- M/M Reis

The all-inclusive was very good and a good choice of everything. Great chefs. Exceeded our expectations.
- M/M Holmes

We were married here 21years ago, it has changed but for the better. Loved it.
- M/M Carnahan

We loved the hotel, relaxed luxury which suits us very us well.
- M/M Berry

Wonderful week. Everything was excellent; facilities, food, all the staff everywhere. The weather is great! The room is great! (10B). Everyone was friendly and helpful and this made the holiday excellent.
- M/M Lucking

Lovely resort. Very friendly staff!
- M/M Duffy

Anse Chastanet is a magical place! I wanted to come here since I read about it in Gourmet magazine back in the early 90’s. My college age daughters and I came here to celebrate my 50th birthday and their spring break. What a special getaway it has been for us! The resort is top-notch and many large and small details add to the overall unique experience. Wonderful service and delicious food. Spectacular setting. Fun adventures - loved the biking. The music was terrific. Thank you for all you’ve done to make our time away from reality a truly relaxing vacation.
- M/M Lowe

Amazing! Perfect, great staff and property. We absolutely loved our first experience at Anse Chastanet! Loved the aesthetics of the rooms. Delicious food, friendly and accomplished staff and of course the spectacular setting. Your resort and staff both exceeded our expectations and we appreciated learning about your concern for environment and community. This is our 5th trip to St. Lucia, which we too love, but we have decided from now on that Anse Chastanet will be our new St. Lucian home when we visit See you again next winter!
- M/M Cadley

It was a very pleasant staying, we are glad the staff are professional, polite and quick. We also like the people of St. Lucia we met whilst visiting Soufriere. Thank you! We did select your resort really looking around the world. We are very glad to let you know that we made an excellent choice. The unique nature and people of St. Lucia and your architectural taste have created a pearl on the island. We rented a car and visiting Soufriere found open faces and friendly people assisting us, when it was needed. Staff of the resort was simply professional and exceptional. Regrettably, we did not remember all the names to express our appreciation. The taste and elegance of Anse Chastanet and feeling that we are in a country with the highest rate per capita of Nobel Prize Winners did not leave us. We keep a pleasant memory and keep your resort in our future considerations.
- M/M Salov

Reception was warm and welcoming. The information packet was very helpful. Loved the beachside room. Food was spectacular, best I’ve ever had. Service was excellent at all restaurants. Also loved the beach chairs and thatched umbrellas.
- M/M Lewis

One of the best beach vacation and an amazing stay in beautiful floraison. We will certainly like to return for another great vacation!
- M/M Ballard

We had a wonderful time. Most of all we appreciated the peace.
- M/M Filion

Thank you for an absolutely magical week. Everything was just perfect. Already dreaming of our return!! We will be back!
- M/M Maynard

Amazing place. We will be back!!! We loved the contact with the nature, the fabulous locations and the vision behind it.
- M/M May

Definitely! Most relaxing holiday.
- M/M Stebbing

Great experience, charming area, great staff, friendly and efficient, good food, attention to detail, lovely views at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The activities available such as biking was great. We are looking forward to returning.
- M/M Gerhold

Thoroughly enjoyed the stay throughout. The service was excellent and the food was constantly good. Very relaxing resort and we both had a great time.
- M/M Rumble

Everything was perfect from beginning to end. The most enjoyable part is the fact that in every aspect (and we did explore nearly all the hotel’s services except for the excursions) the level of service was stellar.
- M/M Besnard

Wonderful experience overall. Special shout out to all of the staff and how kind and approachable and friendly they all were.
- M/M Myers

This is a really awesome setting very fun and nice people. This is a great place to be.
- M/M Kovel

Hands down, my favourite place. The staff is incredible, the best part of Anse Chastanet. Loved the ambiance and the yoga on the beach was lovely.
- M/M Koestring

This has been a wonderful experience. The resort is in an extraordinary spot making it a privilege to visit. Every member of staff we have met from the gardeners to the senior management, have been friendly and eager to do their utmost to ensure we had a wonderful time. The Anse Chastanet managers are warm, welcoming and personal and the food is fabulous. The steel bans and guitarist were outstanding.
- M/M Parker

Beach service was outstanding and the food service and entire staff were very attentive and good.
- M/M Byrnes

Congratulations this hotel is first class. In particular your staff they are courteous with the right culture of friendliness and service. Every single one of them greeted us on every occasion we passed them. Very impressive, please thank them. The room 06A is fabulous we loved the stone work, the fans rather than the air-condition so we could leave the windows open and hear the waves lapping on the shore, the verandah with double aspect views and star spangled sky at night. I doubt whether many of your guests will see so many stars, coming from cities. Cuisine was great and so too was the entertainment.
- M/M Taylor

The holiday was just what we needed, relaxed, informal and in a beautiful setting.
- M/M Bradley

- M/M Jacobs

We had a great time at Anse Chastanet; loved the idea of no TV and computer. We enjoyed nature. Warm, friendly, happy and courteous staff and the beach staff was always willing to help.
- M/M Charles

We found all the staff very friendly and helpful.
- M/M Wills

Everyone we encountered were amazing. Excellent customer service and very personal.
- M/M Brown

Every staff member was always over the top friendly and happy to help. They quickly remembered us, our room number and favorite drink of the day. The food was always amazing and service was done with a smile. Glad we chose this resort. Thank you to the entire team for making our honeymoon special.
- M/M Brown

Food is absolutely wonderful! Everyone so very friendly and attentive. Room is very clean and there were no insects!
- M/M Richmond

I highly recommend this resort! There are many details the resort has thought of that I appreciate! Great job! Great welcoming staff. Your staff training is excellent!
- M/M Stone

Memorable first stay, have been experiencing other room options for future stay. All round excellent facilities. Room 12D is very spacious and well equipped, lots of storage (much appreciated), wonderful housekeeping staff. All staff encountered at the resort were up to and beyond our expectations. Thank you for an enjoyable and very memorable stay at Anse Chastanet. You have an amazing facility with wonderful staff, the best in our vacation experience to date. We have been and will be enthusiastically promoting Anse Chastanet to family, friends and anyone asking about our vacation experience. You can be sure that a return visit(s) is definitely in our future vacation plans. Thanks again to all your team for ensuring our stay was a truly exceptional one.
- M/M Clubbe

Incredibly friendly staff. Restaurant service and servers became our friends during the week, making each dining experience wonderfully relaxing. Everyone greeted us with smiles every place we wandered. Tuesday’s reception and buffet exceeded all expectations, so wonderfully rich in variety and flavors (and desserts, what is not to like about chocolate). The people here are so kind, helpful and accommodating. We would recommend this place to anyone. We will come back in a heartbeat.
- M/M Brandt

Had a wonderful stay. My second time back. The chefs and staff were phenomenal!
- M/M Penney


The scenery, setting and beach are great. The staff was great. Excursions were good. Everyone was friendly and helpful and the food was great.
- M/M Weeks

We had a terrific time at Anse Chastanet! We would definitely consider returning…and will recommend the hotel to our friends.
- M/M Schnur

The beach house was fantastic. We have loved our stay here.
- M/M Purssell

Another great vacation. Anse Chastanet is my favorite beach resort.
- M/M Fowler

Our trip was wonderful! We did not explore outside of the resort at all, but our experience with the island in general was good. Generally, arriving at the airport, people were very friendly and welcoming to tourists. The Anse Chastanet staff have a booth at the airport where you check-in after customs. They greet you with a cool spa washcloth and a bottle of ice water – great touch! The ride to and from the resort was not bad, thanks to the local driver. Check-in with the resort was great, very welcoming and professional. We stayed in room 02C which was at the first tier of rooms up from the treehouse restaurant and bar. This room actually had 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, so it could house a family of 4 or 2 couples. We totally enjoyed the extra space and a great balcony/lounge area! Not sure if this was your treat but theirs, but they had a Maker’s Mark and Tito’s Vodka in the fridge for us. The girl that showed us around our room got a kick out of that. The resort itself was well worth the cost and was a great fit. We ventured up to Jade Mountain for a sunset drink one night. We enjoyed that, but would not have wanted to stay there, it was very quiet and a bit too exclusive. The staff were all very helpful, genuinely nice and accommodating. The food was very good and nice variety. We enjoyed snorkeling, a sailing afternoon, a massage, and jungle biking. There would have been plenty more to do if we wanted to be even more active or had more days. The beach situation is ideal for anyone who likes to lounge on a beach all day, and it is great that they have the second, less busy beach if you would want to get away from the rest of the resort crowd.
- M/M Jacob

Amazing holiday, Amazing resort and Amazing staff. Will return again.
- M/M Coulter

We had a lovely experience staying with you for 9 days. Food and beach facilities were excellent. Your staff are all brilliant, very helpful and considerate. We would certainly like to return.
- M/M Hubbard

We absolutely loved our visit to St. Lucia and Anse Chastanet resort. The location seemed perfect and the staff all made us feel very welcome and spoiled. We truly appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, especially the lack of television and loud music. The live entertainment, excursions, snorkeling, watercraft all provided plenty of entertainment when it was wanted. We also really enjoyed all of the delicious food and drink options. We never had a bad meal or snack. The all-inclusive package was worth it. Thank you all very much!
- M/M Antrim

Wonderful experience, beautiful resort in a beautiful country. Beautiful people very friendly and helpful.
- M/M Alfini

All the staff are friendly and helpful, greeting us. Reception, bar, beach, restaurant, gardeners – everyone. We will highly recommend to friends and family. We will be back!
- M/M Denison

This is a really lovely relaxing place. It’s beautiful and the staff is terrific.
- M/M Talbot

The resort had everything we needed! Staff members are always very friendly and very helpful. We enjoyed our stay so much. Thanks.
- M/M Bundy

We love this place will be back!
- M/M Benash

Staff was exceptional. The food was extraordinary. The dive shop was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and safe. It’s perfect.
- M/M Buckland

All staff were friendly and seem genuinely happy to serve.
- M/M Westrum

We enjoyed our stay at Anse Chastanet. A nice resort in a beautiful area. All the staff were very pleasant and always available to help.
- M/M Papa

The location of the hotel is exceptional and the Anse Mamin beach option is unique. We had room 09A which was the perfect beachside setting.
- M/M Chayegan

Nice people at the service desk and at the restaurants.
- M/M Buss

All the staff is awesome – thanks for making our visit here so relaxing.
- Anonymous

Brilliant resort with top class cuisine. Very friendly staff. Overall excellent, a real gem!
- M/M Pacey

A great vacation, loved it!
- M/M Palazzo

We have really enjoyed our first stay in St. Lucia. The people are so friendly and helpful.
- M/M Donaghey

Our room was very well kept every day! Our stay was absolutely great. Your staff is excellent!
- M/M Poirier

We have been delighted to be here. We can relax and be active and learn whatever we’re in the mood for. The beach house is more than we expected. The service is friendly and fabulous and was amazed at how staff remembered our names. We have found our vacation place.
- M/M Hayflich

Our rooms were immaculate. Everyone was so willing to make our visit one to remember.
- M/M Smith

Spa services offered are great, wonderful selection. Thanks for offering yoga, the service is top notch.
- M/M Grace

Anse Mamin is excellent, especially the valley behind. The gardeners all do a good job.
- M/M Ham

Love room 07B!!
- M/M Duffy

Brilliant experience at the resort. The staff and the high levels of customer service are the best part! Such lovely friendly people. Very warm vibe. The food is out of this world! The best food I’ve ever had on holiday. The music in the evening was very nice and the whole experience was fantastic. I would love to return to the resort and will recommend to friends and family.
- M/M Biring

We will be back!!
- M/M Baratta

Dive staff are excellent. Both professional and accommodating.
- M/M Franzetti

Thank you to the amazing staff which made this holiday such a wonderful experience. It was excellent and we would definitely recommend.
- M/M Strickland

Another highly enjoyable and restful stay. The staff are all friendly, helpful and courteous. Managers also! You have an excellent team here!
- M/M Stratton

Overall superb stay, wonderful conceived hotel, structure and service. Staff generally marvelous – very helpful and attentive; we felt no request was too difficult. The room was lovely, the provision of good quality coffee and coffee making was excellent and greatly appreciated.
- M/M Friedmann

Thank you to all at Anse Chastanet for a wonderful vacation!
- M/M Moberg

Scuba team was excellent, safe and calm diving. All members of diving and boat teams were very helpful. All staff at the resort have been helpful and friendly.
- M/M Creamer

Everyone was so very friendly, we are already planning to come back next year!
- M/M Goff

Wonderful friendly staff, excellent food and service and excellent yoga and emerald tour.
- M/M Rodzinski

Exceptional food and all staff are so friendly and helpful. We always felt safe and well cared for at the resort.
- M/M Howarth


Loved the beach and the food was great!
- M/M Warrci

We had an excellent vacation over all. Your staff is excellent, every single one of them. The room was fabulous, and we loved the way the beach huts were managed.
- M/M Makepeace

Fourth stay here and we love the beachside rooms. Very quiet and luxurious.
- M/M Fowler

Amazing staff, service, beauty and food. This is our 2nd trip and we love it! We’ve travelled the world, never been to the same place twice except for Anse Chastanet. Well done!
- M/M Baak

This is our 4th time and we love it here and will be back again and again.
- M/M Pohl

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The food was outstandingly prepared, presented and delicious. Compliments to the chefs! All the staff are exceptional. St. Lucians are lovely people.
- M/M Hannah

Wonderful! We will be back we are going to make this an annual tradition! Truly amazing resort!
- M/M Anderson

All your staff was lovely and friendly. The music was lovely at the bars. Loved it here!
- M/M Finn

Really delighted with our experience.
- M/M Blythe

Best vacation ever!
- M/M Blanton

Very enjoyable trip.
- M/M Cottell

We’ve had a wonderful, relaxing stay it’s a beautiful setting and the staff are superb!
- Anonymous

Everyone is kind and attentive. It’s a treasure! And we are grateful for the services provided.
- M/M Parr

Staff were very attentive, loved the fresh flowers in the room and enjoyed access to fish meals. Snorkeling was amazing and the Indian food was unexpected and delicious.
- M/M Djerassi

The Plantation Tour was enjoyable.
- M/M Priebe

Everything was exceptional we are so thankful to have come here. But all were so friendly and helpful.
- M/M Dickens

Very nice beach and excellent staff. Friendliest staff I’ve ever experienced. Waitress, maids, beach staff everyone was top notch!
- M/M Tawil

A very well run and pleasurable resort. The staff have been fantastic. Excellent customer service. The waiters, waitresses and beach staff were all wonderful, friendly and attentive. The scuba team were very professional, a pleasure to dive with. The food in all the restaurants was of a very high standard. Compliments to the chef. We will definitely consider staying again.
- M/M Dilieto

We had a perfect vacation! We plan to return next year!
- M/M Edwards

Loved 06B!! Great room! Great view! Would happily have this room next year.
- M/M Schnall

We enjoyed our stay and we will return.
- M/M Emanuel

We absolutely loved everything about your resort, from the beautiful open room to the lovely Anse Mamin beach. Food, service, ambience, views and experiences were all fantastic.
- M/M Higgins

Fantastic location and facilities. The room was perfect and all the staff were amazing. Well done!!
- M/M Pirozek

The accommodation and service are really fantastic. I know everyone works really hard to make guests feel welcome always with a smile. We would certainly love to return if we’re able.
- M/M Ellis

From the moment we walked in, looking for a room, everyone was amazing, kind and informative. The entire staff was knowledgeable and made us feel very welcome! We had the best massage and Body scrub at the spa. The food was AMAZING! Never boring like so many all-inclusive. We loved the spicy and flavorful food! This was truly the most relaxing, fun, educational and romantic honeymoon we could have ever asked for! Thank you!!
- M/M Smith

We really enjoyed our tours and hikes by our tour guides. The place was appropriate for our age and fitness level.
- M/M Nolen

This is more than a beautiful resort. The people who work here really care and it shows in every way. This has been an amazing experience for us. More thanks than you can imagine!
- M/M Spiegler

We have had the most amazing stay, the facilities are wonderful and the staff could not have been friendlier or more helpful. We’ve been made to feel very special on this trip to celebrate our 60th birthdays and would recommend Anse Chastanet without hesitation.
- M/M Elliot

Shuttle services were great. Staff and residents are all so friendly, helpful and genuinely caring of guests. What a wonderful stay.
- M/M Durgarian

The nature walk was terrific.
- M/M Garabedian

This is our 4th visit at Anse Chastanet. We really love it. We have recommended it often to our friends.
- M/M Lucks

We loved the western band that played either on the Monday or Tuesday. Very good at getting everyone involved. We wholeheartedly had the most amazing lime here and feel totally chilled and relaxed which was our number one goal. Thank you for helping us to reach it!!
- M/M Bailey

Our stay was fantastic. The staff was friendly, helpful and fun. The area is absolutely beautiful and we had the opportunity to experience a good portion of the island.
- M/M Ennis

Anse Chastanet is a truly a “Treasure in Paradise.” We loved our room which we called “Our Treehouse” above the rainforest canopy beside the sea. The open environment allowed the sounds of nature (birds, frogs, ocean, and boats) to fill up our senses. We enjoyed the impeccable service throughout the hotel, restaurants, beaches, and the friendliness and availability of the staff was remarkable. The tours and excursions were outstanding! Turn down bed service in the evening was especially appreciated. It was an indicator of how the staff cared. The information binder was outstanding! It had a wealth of information about the tours, maps and history of the island, restaurant menus etc. Thank you! We will definitely recommend this resort to our friends. And we will be back! ☺
- M/M O’Looney

Terrific beach and staff.
- M/M MacLean

Everything lovely as ever.
- M/M Barrett

The staff were extremely friendly and helpful at all times, so as individuals they were “excellent!”
- M/M Cripps

Absolutely loved our stay. The hotel staff are all so pleasant and helpful. The excursions have been brilliant. Excellent resort/facilities, Friendly, happy staff competent managers. We had a fabulous time, relaxed ambience but plenty to do if needed – Gorgeous place. We would love to return in the near future.
- M/M Hawke

An excellent winter holiday in a beautiful place. We used snorkeling equipment; service and equipment was excellent. The massage and facial at the spa were excellent. We welcome the natural environment and the stairs!
- M/M Bowman

We have been truly blown away by this beautiful paradise. We were so completely relaxed and pampered. All of the staff were absolutely AMAZING!! They just can’t do enough for you. We loved the spa!! Great massages had to go twice. This experience is going to make it impossible to top this vacation. Hoping to see you next year or sooner!!
- M/M Kaesmann

All staff were so friendly, smiley and obviously very loyal.
- M/M Mitchell

Loved our stay, lovely surroundings and views and excellent cuisine. Particularly impressed by the meals and the fact that a lot of the ingredients came from the Hotel’s farm. Delicious and beautifully presented! We have been coming to the Caribbean for over 35 years and this was our favorite for food. Our room was superb a very “Caribbean” feeling and it was lovely to have no air conditioning!
- M/M Hatter

We find the staff kind, friendly and helpful especially those whom we have known since we first came in 2000. We have no hesitation in recommending this hotel. We appreciate the ethics, care from your staff and the creation of good food from your resources.
- M/M Greene

Another wonderful stay in this paradise. Each year we look at other Caribbean places and then, we think no, we’d miss this place too much!
- M/M Watson

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