November 2019…// Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia, is delighted to unveil a brand new ‘Ayurvedic Fusion’ spa, yoga and dining package inspired by the island’s Indo-St Lucian community. Offering a holistic approach to wellness specifically tailored to guests’ dosha (the Ayurvedic interpretation of one’s biological energy type), the bespoke programme is ideal for those seeking to start the new year on a healthy note.

Guests who book the ‘Ayurvedic Fusion’ package will receive a full consultation with an Ayurveda-specialist at Anse Chastanet’s Kai en Belte Spa upon arrival. During the session, the therapist will assess the client’s dosha type before creating a bespoke programme including yoga and meditation, spa treatments and an Ayurvedic cooking class at Anse Chastanet’s Indo-Caribbean beachside restaurant, Apsara.

Apsara, East Indian-Caribbean Cuisine

The Packages

In Ayurveda, there are three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – each denoting different physiological and spiritual traits. One’s dosha is unique to oneself, and most individuals have a ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ dosha, or a mix of all three. The programme reflects this and each of the below packages can be tweaked accordingly (for example a Vata spa treatment may be paired with a Kapha cooking lesson).

Vata Package

A primary Vata individual has qualities which reflect the elements of Space and Air. They are quick-thinking, fast-moving and creative but can suffer from anxiety and dryness related to their frenetic lifestyle. Designed to combat these issues, a Vata package would typically include:

  • Yin yoga and meditation session in Anse Chastanet’s beach pavilion

Value is 45 minutes –  Single US 70 and Double US 110, subject to 10% service charge

  • Ayurvedic cooking lesson at Apsara restaurant, with Vata-balancing, omega-3 and moisture-rich food focus.

Value is US$ 55 per person, subject to 10% VAT and 10% service charge

  • ‘Anpagal’ Four Hands Massage – a 75-minute two therapist, four-handed massage to relieve tension, relax and rebalance.

Value is US$ 255 per person, subject to 10% service charge

Pitta Package

Reflecting the elements of Fire and Water, Pitta-types tend to be high-energy, heavily intellectual perfectionists and have a strong appetite but tend to gain weight easily and struggle with oily skin. A Pitta-focused package would help to rebalance these traits with:

  • Vinyasa flow yoga session and guided hike around Anse Chastanet’s 600-acre estate

Value 90 minutes Vinyasa Yoga is US$ 100 single or US$ 140 per couple, subject to 10% service charge.

Value 90 minutes Hike finished with Yoga is US$ 100 single or US$ 140 per couple, subject to 10% service charge.

  • Weight-loss targeted, low-fat Pitta Ayurvedic cooking lesson at Apsara restaurant

Value is US$ 55 per person, subject to 10% VAT and 10% service charge

  • ‘Bindi’ Herbal Body Treatment – a 90-minute treatment derived from traditional Purva Karma rejuvenation therapies and incorporating a botanical body mask to exfoliate, cleanse away excess oils and detoxify.

Value is US$ 150 per person, subject to 10% service charge

Anse Mamin

Kapha Package

Those with a Kapha primary-dosha have qualities which reflect the elements of Water and Earth. They are nature-lovers who tend to be affectionate, positive and sentimental but can be susceptible to depression and lethargy as a result of their emotional nature. A Kapha package would rebalance these traits with:

  • Daily Ashtangta yoga session set on the stunning ‘castaway’ Anse Mamin beach, to re-energise, re-invigorate and appreciate nature in all its glory.

Value US$ 100 single or US$ 140 double for 90 minute sessions.

  • Kapha-orientated Ayurvedic cooking class at Apsara restaurant, featuring plenty of spices, grains and pulses alongside lighter meats such as chicken and fish.

Value is US$ 55 per person, subject to 10% VAT and 10% service charge

  • Kapha Balancing Massage – a 90-minute treatment involving a dry massage to stimulate blood and increase lymphatic circulation, followed by a bespoke, dosha-specific Abhyangam massage to target specific needs and a marma points face and scalp massage.

Price is US$ 150 per person, subject to 10% service charge

Indo-St Lucian History

St Lucia is home to around 3,000 citizens of Indian descent – comprising around 2.4% of the population – whose ancestry can be traced back to the 4,500 Indian workers transported to the island by the British in the late 19th century. The community has retained their cultural heritage and as a result, Indian influences can be seen across St Lucian society, culture and cuisine to this day. Anse Chastanet’s Apsara restaurant celebrates the marriage of Indian and Caribbean cuisine with spice-packed dishes such as Caribbean crab chatpati and local ground provision, cashew nut and raisin samosa.

Nightly rates at Anse Chastanet start from $375 (£292*) per room based on double occupancy. Rates are subject to 10% service charge and 10% VAT.

Anse Chastanet Resort

About Anse Chastanet, Saint Lucia

Anse Chastanet sits quietly in an idyllic spot on St Lucia’s south western coast close to the awe inspiring Piton Mountains. The resort comprises of 49 individually designed rooms, 37 of which are scattered about a lush hillside, and 12 which are nestled within a tropical garden at beach level. Local woods and other local products are in integral part of the design of the rooms. Anse Chastanet is home to St Lucia’s only vegan restaurant as well as fine-dining option at The Treehouse Restaurant. A number of fantastic treatments are available at The Kai Belté Spa.

Guests of Anse Chastanet have access to the resort’s 600-acre estate, offering two luminous gold-sand beaches bordering pristine coral reefs, 12 miles of jungle biking, walking and hiking trails as well as fantastic bird watching. Farm-to-table cooking classes and tours of the estate’s Emerald Farm and Chocolate Laboratory, where guests can take part in a cocoa tree to bar tour and chocolate sensory tastings, are also available daily at the hotel.

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