Anse Chastanet, the idyllic Caribbean resort nestled amidst the lush hills of St. Lucia, is excited to announce the appointment of a dedicated Reef Life and Renewal Ambassador and the establishment of two innovative coral nurseries as part of the resort’s ongoing commitment to regenerative travel principles and marine conservation.

With the support of the new ambassador, guests can now gain first-hand insights into the world of coral restoration, take part in educational lectures such as ‘Turtle Talks’ and ‘Fish Behavior,’ and immerse themselves in the fascinating marine environment that surrounds the resort. The initiative also invites guests to explore the newly established coral nurseries, learn about the vital role corals play in maintaining marine biodiversity, and even volunteer to assist in coral restoration efforts.

“We are proud to strengthen our commitment to preserving the vibrant marine life that our guests have come to cherish,” says Nick Troubetzkoy, owner and architect of Anse Chastanet. “We hope to inspire and educate our visitors about the importance of regenerative travel principles, encouraging them to make a positive impact during their stay.”

The coral nurseries will provide a protected space for growing coral fragments before transplanting them back onto the reef, aiding in the natural recovery process and contributing to healthier, more resilient ecosystems. As coral reefs worldwide face increasing threats from climate change, pollution, and other human activities, initiatives such as this are vital to safeguarding these unique underwater habitats.

“By welcoming guests to participate in our coral restoration initiatives and providing educational opportunities, we aim to foster a deeper connection with the marine environment, encouraging both awareness and action,” adds Troubetzkoy.

Anse Chastanet’s dedication to regenerative travel principles is reflected in its various eco-conscious initiatives, from sustainable architecture and local sourcing to conservation efforts such as these. The resort continues to create immersive experiences that allow guests to indulge in the beauty of St. Lucia while contributing positively to the local community and environment.

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