Did you you know that October is Creole Heritage Month in Saint Lucia? This is when the island pays special attention to our local craftsmen and women who make chairs, floor and table mats, hats and baskets, clay items and local dolls among other things. In a series of island wide events throughout October, we celebrate our local music, dance and of course, our creole culinary specialties and beverages.

If you have missed visiting the island this October, you can still get to experience Saint Lucia’s creole heritage here at Anse Chastanet. At our resort, we support our local crafts and celebrate our local traditions year round. From locally made straw items, locally sewn napkins, table cloths and bathrobes using traditional madras fabric, clay face pots, soap dishes and local wood carvings, guests can get a sense of what is our authentic Saint Lucia  throughout the resort.  And in our restaurants and bars, our guests can sample that literal taste of Saint Lucia.

One of our guests’ favorites is the local cocoa tea: Guests can sip on freshly grated cocoa tea as part of the breakfast experience and also, learn how to make their own cocoa tea at home.  The basis of our local cocoa tea is the cocoa stick: Cocoa nibs are roasted, ground, mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg and then compressed and dried to form a cocoa stick.

Guests interested in learning more about this entire process can visit our cocoa plantation in the Soufriere hills which is part of our organic farm Emerald’s. There, they can learn more about the cocoa harvesting process. Back at the resort, they can purchase the local cocoa sticks in our resort boutique.

Jenneh, one of our culinary ambassadors at Anse Chastanet, demonstrates here the grating of the local cocoa stick into hot water to which warm milk is added together with some of our own farm grown cinnamon, bay leaves, star anise and vanilla bean.  For that extra special Lucian and extra soothing touch, you can further refine the cocoa tea by adding coconut milk and even a bit of coconut creme.

The potion provides the same jolt of caffeine as a cup of coffee and is sure to satisfy every “dans dous” (that’s Créole patois for “sweet tooth”).  And why not try a bit of cassava bread along with your cocoa tea ?

So, we hope you will come visit and sample our cocoa tea and cassava bread! There are of course many more excellent reasons why to choose Saint Lucia  as your next Caribbean vacation destination and stay with us here at our Saint Lucia resort Anse Chastanet:

Set amidst 600 lush tropical acres with two beaches along St. Lucia’s exquisite southwestern coast, Anse Chastanet is scattered about a verdant hillside which slopes gently to beach level. There are additional resort facilities at beach level where an easy swim takes guests to a magical world of coral reefs sporting many colorful species, including rare fan corals.  If the stunning marine environment isn’t reason enough to come visit, the twin peaks of the World Heritage Pitons rise majestically from the mesmerizing, azure blue of the Caribbean Sea, painting an unrivaled panoramic backdrop.

Meals at the resort offer great variety and are always exquisite, whether enjoyed in the 4 restaurants or by candlelight on the beach. Active guests will enjoy the 12 miles of private hiking and mountain biking trails,  sea kayaking around the rugged coastline, sunrise yoga or sunset sailing to witness brilliant daytime colors transition to the darker hues of night.

Anse Chastanet offers free night promotions such as the Delight promotion, with a 6th night free offered in room categories standard, superior and beachside deluxe. The Saint Lucia Getaway offers a 5th night free in categories hillside deluxe and premium. To learn more about our promotions, click hereTo book your vacation, call us at Tel 1-800-223-1108. If you refer to our cocoa tea blog, we will be sure to make some ready for you when you arrive and as a special welcome, add a bit of Lucian rum to it, too! See you soon!

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